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A speech given to the Magi Football Team after practice

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A speech given to the Magi Football Team after practice

By Konomi Fujimiya
The Daily Magi
December 6, 2061

On any other day, you would have thought she was just a regular Canadian citizen, with her hair let down, her locks trimmed and her gentle cherry eyes suggesting she was just normal as can ever be. After all, she was only wearing one of her yukata outfits, her hair restrained with a flowery bow instead of twin tails. But the people know who Dr. Madoka Kaname looks like and when she speaks, everyone listens. Now she is a member of the upper classes and given full honors in the United Kingdom and Canada as the Lady Kaname of Mitakihara. But thought the outlook on life may change, the personality and spirit stays the same.

Yesterday afternoon, after practice at Hakurei Centre, Lady Kaname treated the members of the football team, including coaches and training staff, to dinner at Historic McGann's Sports Pub and Grille, long a stomping ground for many students and alumns alike on the Square. She made a lengthy speech on the fly. This is the transcript.


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"Gentlemen, I hope you are enjoying your meal, and Tatsuya, I hope you are watching over the boys to make sure they are maintaining their reputation as fine young men of character and leadership. Well, I don't have to reiterate this to you any further, boys. You know that you have a national championship to defend. You have a tradition and history to uphold. For some of you, you've been carrying this weight on your shoulders and there are times where you feel the weight is too much to bear. These are the times where you turn to the power of team and understanding that no man is bigger than the game that you play, whether it is football or life in general.

"If you try to be bigger than something that is far bigger than you, you will fail. You will not succeed. You will not pass. Even as I stand before you as a retired administrator and the founder of this school, I've heard stories of people who believe that it is about them, and not about everyone AND them. Such selfishness must not be used to excess because too much pride can yield disastrous results. Those who leave my university will not leave their college careers as winners. History has shown that to be the case, time and time again.

"You didn't come here to Mitakihara University for me. You didn't come here because of the youthful charms that adore this young institution of higher learning, with the Gardens and the Madokathedral with its chimes. You didn't come here to gawk at the student union or to perhaps win the hand of one of the members of the Society. You came to Mitakihara University because you were going to win a national championship and then defend it as if your life depended on it, as if nothing else mattered. And you came here because you knew you would be enjoying one of the most enrichening educational journeys you will ever take, the next step forward, the great leap of faith.

"The reason Mitakihara is the university it is today is not because of me. I only sowed the seeds. I only wished for a university whose fires would be kindled by the students who pass through these hallowed grounds. I didn't think it was going to happen; in fact, I originally wanted this to be an all-women's institution, maybe a seminary of some sorts.

"It was through my brother and your head coach of 51 years that told me that my university could become what it is today: a live, thriving, prosperous research university relied on by thousands upon thousands of young men and women from all over the world. But there was a catch: the university needed to choose a sports team to invest its future on. That team would lift the profile of this university to heights never imagine.

"That you. It's all of you: the first-years, second-years, third-years and fourth-year players; the coaches and trainers that came before you and who are here now; my brother, of course, who is the winningest college football head coach in history; and the fans and boosters who give back to the program.

"The 2011 season is the one season that forever placed Mitakihara University on the map. We have proven that Canada can play the American code of football as we can with our own code. Indeed, you are also playing for this country, Canada. Many of you hail from the States, and you are the best that America has to offer. That's why you're here: to prove each and every day that between the two countries that share this code, we do it better. Of course, we have to hire mercenaries to get it done, but a similar setup exists in ice hockey.

"It's not just football that this university is known for. Every sports team has won conference and national championships. We've won Director's Cups for many years, as well as CapitalOne Cups for our dominance across the board. Our university is proud to be the only Canadian school to compete at the NCAA Division I level and do it so well that not even Simon Fraser could replicate its success.

"One day, the time will come where you must leave this university and with it, the colors you wear as a member of the Magi Football Team. The magic can only last for so long. But when you depart with your degree, you will have realized that you have blazed a trail for those who will follow you. In essence, you* have left a legacy all your own and you have etched your name on the list of heroes and heroines that donned the Rose, Pink and White. Your leadership and character, and the lessons you have learned, will last a lifetime. Never let go of what you have been taught here at Mitakihara.

"And don't forget, always somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember that person, you are not alone. We're on your side. You can never lose. You came here as winners, and you will leave here as champions. Don't ever forget that. 

"Boys, I would like to thank you all, and I wish you all the best in whatever you do."

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