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Dan Roxas's wife Yaya "a pure joy"


Dan Roxas's wife Yaya "a pure joy"

By Anna Hendrix
The Daily Magi
November 13, 2062

Mitakihara University senior computer science major Yaya Roxas isn't your ordinary student. She is a banned doll, i.e. one that is a doll but has features similar to that of a human, flesh and bone and all. In fact, you can say that Yaya is just an ordinary woman, pretty much. But she's not just any ordinary woman.

Yaya is the wife of Mitakihara Magi halfback Dan Roxas. She is good friends with senior liberal arts major Charlotte Belew, the wife of actor/puppeteer Raishin Akabane, who is a senior theater arts major and aspiring film director.

"After Raishin and I elected to go our separate ways, I decided to find a new love interest," Yaya said via phone interview for the Daily Magi. "In my first year, I watched Mitakihara play a game against Air Force, and I got to meet Dan. We spent our first semester getting to know each other and talking about everything leading up to then, and I realize that he is quite an amazing guy, and a great person.

"So I decided after the fall that I would room with him and I would consider being his love partner. By the end of our second year, we were married. The advances in technology allow me to have children, but I want to take it slow. So when Dan and I graduate, we'll settle down and I'll actually enjoy doing work that real hard-working people do in Canada.

"I love it here. I love everybody here. Even though Raishin and I are just friends, I love everyone here because this university gave me the chance to integrate myself into modern society. And Dan loves me. She tells me, 'Yaya, you are a pure joy and I desire to consummate my love for you every way I can.' His passion fuels me to be my best."

Charlotte Belew, a good friend of Yaya Roxas.

Charlotte has a sister named Hennette, who is the fiancee of Mitakihara Magi recruit Dakota "Dak" Okabe. It's through her sister that Charlotte was able to learn about the Magi football team and their rich history. As well as Yaya, of course.

"The Magi football team's pretty good," Belew said via phone interview. "They have intense passion, a will to win, an unstoppable drive, a fiery emotion that can't be put out...plus they know the dynamics of their sport inside out. They're such a joy to watch, Dan and Rico [Ricky Cojuangco] and even Shabba [Tshabalala].

"I spent time with Dan and the others at a meet-and-greet at McGann's. They're such true gentleman, and Raishin thinks they have better character than any similar team of athletes you can put on the field. They are also very smart, and their punter is also a woman! It's trailblazing, to say the least. I don't know of any other male-only team that has players that are female. And she's the wife of the kicker. A husband-and-wife combination of special teams! Even more rare!

"So I make sure, if I have the time, to stop by the [Sakura] Bowl and rub shoulders with the men after the game and chat with them. They are so sociable and they make playing the game American football look like a Boss Tom Turkey strut up Easy Street."

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