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"Good Night Boys" ready for boombastic brouhahas


The Wake Up Girls of Mayu Shimada, Miyu Okamoto, Minami Katayama, Nanami Hisami, Airi Hayashida, Yoshino Nanase, and Kaya Kikuma are mothers of the next batch of recruits to come out of MiTSS: the Good Night Boys.
"Good Night Boys" ready for boombastic brouhahas

By Anna Hendrix
The Daily Magi
November 27, 2062

The Yatta Brothers aren't the only blue-chippers making noise for the MiTSS Angels as second-year high schoolers. The former members of the legendary idol group Wake Up Girls!—Mayu Shimada, Miyu Okamoto, Minami Katayama, Nanami Hisami, Airi Hayashida, Yoshino Nanase, and Kaya Kikuma—are proud mothers of what could be the next group of elite football players to hail from Mitakihara Town and probably join the Mitakihara Magi in winning more national championships.

Nicknamed the "Good Night Boys," they comprise of tight end Josh Yoshioka, cornerback Takeshi "Tarzan" Takagi, left tackle Jasper Tanaka, left end Susumu "Sean" Yamashita, free safety Hideki "Lea" Eino, right guard Haribo "Bo" Nanase and halfback Bruno Okuno. A close-knit band of brothers, the time will come for them to part ways at graduation. But as part of the Angels, they have been stellar in complementing quarterback Haruki Takayama and wide receiver Dee Dee Sonoda.

"We love being part of something special, and I can tell you that YATTA! is also our theme song as well," said Yoshioka. "We're also musicians by hobby and we did a cover of it. We didn't just do a backing track, we actually played the song with real instruments. True story.

"I first heard of the game when I was three years old and I was watching old NFL highlights. The game's grown on me ever since. When I head to college, I plan to major in music. I like to play bass as a rule."

"My father was a DJ when he was younger and he taught me how to use two turntables and a microphone," said Takagi. "During house shows at the ubiquitous commuity center, I went by the name DJ Tarzan and delivered some fancy disco songs. One of the songs that I played at my first house show was a song called 'Gangnam Style.' I didn't know what this was, but I found out that the entertainer that sang this passed away the day before I was born.

"I embrace music a lot. It liberates the soul and frees the mind. It also allows me to perform as a football player. In my first year with the Angels, I made 14 interceptions and 46 tackles. I thrive at the cornerback position and I know that at Mitakihara University, they are known for having great cornerbacks."

"We have but one mission among us on the football field, and that is to put opponents to sleep," said Tanaka. "That's why we're called the 'Good Night Boys.' It's not so much a nod to our mothers as it is a tribute to our intentions. We want to send them on the next bus home where they can cry in their pajamas before getting melted into nothing by the Sandman, whose thigh gap is to die for.

"I'm an offensive lineman, so I do a lot of pancake blocking. One time in my first year with the Angels, I racked up 16 pancakes. When I flatten you, I have the intention of sending you flying. Our offensive line is built to provide a lot of force and form a barrier for the skill players. And us O-Linemen do a lot of power lifting and weight training...with adult supervision, of course."

"I like to play acoustic guitar, and I often write my own music out of inspiration," said Yamashita. "But after being disillusioned by visions of rape by fans, and drug use and overdoses and being left in compromising positions half-naked...I chose to be a football player.

"I bench press 400 and squat 500 and I also run a 4.23 40, non-wind-aided. I also have a vertical leap of 80". When I tried out for the football team at MiTSS, I was told that I tackle with the speed of three G forces, which is pretty devastating if you don't have sufficient protection. When I enter college, I will make a promise to never injure myself while making a hit like that."

"When we were in grade school, Tarzan and I would watch stuff from my dad's extensive Super Bowl collection," said Eino. "Dad had game film from footage as far back as the very first Super Bowl and he has stuff going as far as Super Bowl LXXXV. He often told us about these old offensive formations and about how the game has evolved, how the skills of players have been utilized over time.

"And don't get me started on all the college bowl videos he has. Dad has a big-ass backlog of bowl games, all-star games, rivalry games...and his CFL collection are all collector's items. My dad got me involved in football real early, and even though I like to play cowbell for my jazz band, I'd rather pick off passes in pads."

"I'm the heavy eater of the team," said Aoyama. "I got the nickname 'Bo' because it's a short form of my first name, Haribo. But it's also a tribute to my poor eating habits when I was a kid. I ate a lot of Haribo Gummies and gained a lot of pounds. Since then, I've changed my diet and now I eat a lot of lean meat and fish so that I can improve on my blocking stats.

"If I have to eat gummies, they're vitamin and calcium gummies. As a session musician, I do a lot of drumming, percussion work and sound mixing. If I don't make it as a professional football player, I want to go into sound production and create my own studio."

"I'm probably the ambassador to the Yatta Brothers because I get the ball a lot and I am in constant communication with Haruki [Takayama] and Dee Dee [Sonoda]," said Okuno. "I got really good speed and I thrive on being fed the ball on the option. I know that Mitakihara University is one of the few schools that runs a spread-flex system and they do it real well.

"I'm not expecting all of us to choose Madoka as our university. Some of us will go elsewhere and play for other top programs. The best we can do is play for each other and finish the job and put our opposition to sleep because we are forever known in this city as...the Good Night Boys."

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