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"Hate to See Grandma Retire, But She's Earned It": Ikaruga Saito

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"Hate to See Grandma Retire, But She's Earned It": Ikaruga Saito

By Konomi Fujimiya
The Daily Magi
November 21, 2061

Ikaruga Saito, the buxom granddaughter of retiring Mitakihara University Chancellor Homura Akemi, is proud of her old lady, to say the least. When asked of her legacy, Ikaruga could only smile and shed a few tears as she watched the Magi football team train in the November chill at Tatsuya Kaname Field.

"You know, I hate to see my grandma retire, but she's earned her right to walk off into the sunset and live the life of a pensioner," Ikaruga said, flipping her hair in the manner and style of her grandmother. "I think she'll enjoy retirement since she gets a little bit more time playing on her piano, writing and archery.

"I always make it a habit now to visit grandma and ask her how she's doing and all that. I've made it a tradition to serve her green tea and biscuits because she loves digestive biscuits all of a sudden. That's when you realize how old she is. She's really old. Mom also visits her, too. She's going to have to take care of her down the road.

"It's not in our interests to consign my grandparents to a retirement home or a convalescent home. My aunt, Madoka, is a goddess, so she can choose to ascend any time she wants. We joke around that there will be no casket of her, but we also know that since Homura is also a goddess, there will be an empty casket of her as well. It's strange how my grandmother and one of my grandaunts are deities. I had to take time to internalize this fact, a year, to be exact.

"So now I count the days until my mother becomes the new chancellor at Madoka. It's going to be a bit of a long wait, but it's going to be worth it. Mom's been looking forward to taking over and earning the patronage of the Society. It's going to be a huge weight off grandma's shoulders. Until then, it's important that the entire Family enjoys these last few months of my grandmother looking over the university, which I will attend next fall. It will be memorable, if it isn't already."

Mitakihara are 12-0 this season and have qualified for the BCS National Championship Game.

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