Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"I'm excited for my future teammates": Takayama

Yuu Sonoda and Haruka Takayama, 
the parents of future Mitakihara Magi quarterback Haruki Takayama.

"I'm excited for my future teammates": Takayama

By Sora Kazesawa
The Daily Magi
December 20, 2063

When asked of his future team, MiTSS Angels Grade 12 quarterback Haruki Takayama was all smiles. Armed with one of the most dangerous offenses and defenses in the history of the 53-year old program, Takayama helped the Angels win their 30th straight BC High School Senior 'AAA' Championship on Dec. 1, defeating their eternal rivals, the Mt. Douglas Rams, 49-11 in the Subway Bowl at BC Place Stadium in Vancouver, B.C.

"Man, I can't want to watch Madoka rip apart UCLA, oh yeah," said Takayama, who was named MVP in the Subway Bowl. "I've waited all year to finally say that I am indeed a Magi, and I've waited all year to watch my new team lift that trophy. I got all my friends ready to watch the BCS National Championship Game next month.

"We plan to watch it live from our gymnasium, Taniguchi Hall, via the big HDTV screen up in the rafters. Dee Dee's getting hyped, Lea's getting hyped, Bruno's lifting weights in the weight room to get hyped...all the commits on our Angels team are hyped. Oh yeah, and my two moms, Mama Haruka and Mama Yuu, are gonna be laying out a massive spread for all the players and fans, along with some other moms, maybe the moms of the GNBs (Good Night Boys).

"And the community is gonna be getting involved. It's gonna be packed. I bet people will be watching the game at the Kirisame Pyramid, too. I think this happens every year: people glued to the television to see if the Magi can complete a perfect season. I heard that if the Magi win the national championship, it will be a good year for a lot of businesses here in M-Town. I guess revenue comes in.

"I mean, I've been seeing so many Magi football jerseys in this city. Mitakihara Town loves its sports teams. We're rivaling Vancouver for the best sports city in the province and we're winning the battle because the University teams and the Sports Club are churning out championships every single year. MiTSS is also doing its part to bring titles to the island. It's been great.

"So everybody is going to be celebrating another championship and I think the love is going to flow freely. I'm excited for my future teammates. They deserve to be on top."

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