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"I'm just a provost, nothing to see here": Shichimiya

Former Mitakihara Magi offensive coordinator Rikka Takanashi and current Mitakihara University Japan Campus provost Satone Shichimiya at the Madoka Gift Shop on the Japan Campus.

"I'm just a provost, nothing to see here": Shichimiya

By Kotone Noda
The Daily Magi
October 15, 2064

Satone Shichimiya was named the provost of Mitakihara University Japan Campus, located in Mitakihara Town, Japan, in 2060. A graduate of the university many years ago in 2018, Shichimiya is at the helm of one of the most influential liberal arts campuses in the country and is responsible for reporting the academic concerns of its professors and any discrepancies to the main campus in Mitakihara Town, British Columbia.

It's a job that take a lot of hard work and time, but not one that is high-profile. At least, that's according to Ms. Shichimiya herself.

"It's not an easy job to be in but it's not as high profile as the chancellor or vice-chancellor," said Ms. Shichimiya from her office at Akemi Hall, the counterpart to Kaname Hall on the Main Campus in Canada. "I mean I'm just a provost, nothing to see here.

"But it's a very rewarding experience and one that I have enjoyed after just a few years on the job. I always wondered when I would have that one opportunity where Madoka would give me another chance to shine and help improve the curriculum in the classroom and help open up the possibilities for the students.

"The fact that I'm doing it here in Japan makes it easier and there is no language barrier, since Japanese is my native tongue. I have worked with students who are very insightful, very innovative and inventive about how to improve the way we live, work and play. I've chatted with students who are succeeding in entertainment and sports.

"In addition, I've spoken to alumni who have succeeded in government. One of them, Mr. Makoto Hara, a member of the Class of 2043, is the current Prime Minister of Japan on the side of the DPJ. Another, Ms. Risa Onizuka, is the Japanese ambassador to Korea and she helped mend a lot of burned bridges with our neighbors. Thanks to her, we've had decades of uninterrupted peace and few disputes. The son of PSY, Park Jae-Young, is also the President of the Republic of Korea, which acquired the North after the Kim regime toppled. Progress in the northern parts of Korea has accelerated because many of the students and alumni from the Japan Campus are working to improve the quality of living.

"As for me, I've witnessed a high graduation rate, with 95% of our senior class or higher graduating with a grade of A. We've had very few B's, and only once last year did we have a student finish with a C. In terms of conduct, only five students were expelled from the Japan Campus on academic plagiarism grounds. It's a consistency that I hope will continue, so long as I am the provost of the Japan Campus."

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