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"I've had a blast": Ricky Cojuangco


"I've had a blast": Ricky Cojuangco

By Sora Kazesawa
The Daily Magi
November 5, 2063

Mitakihara Magi senior quarterback Ricky Cojuangco will be playing his final game at the Sakura Bowl this Saturday in Magia Day 2063 against the Stanford Cardinal. A dual-threat gunslinger that has carved his own niche, Rico Football has made Batangas City proud and his wife Yukina even prouder.

"Aw man, I've had a blast," Cojuangco said after practice at Hakurei Centre. "Are you kidding me? I love it here. Yeah, it's been a great experience for me to teach the freshman the traditions of this university and the legacy of Mitakihara and the importance of earning an education here. And it's been awesome to learn more about the game from Coach Kaname, Coach Naegi, Coach Hashida...all these wonderful people.

"If you were to ask me what I will miss about Mitakihara, it would be visiting YSG [Your Silver Garden]. YSG is a special place to me because it gives me a peace of mind and allows me to reflect on what I have done to be successful as a student and as a quarterback. I will miss the numerous times I practiced at Hakurei Centre and trained like a pro in the weight rooms.

"And I will miss the great food that they serve in the co-op and the restaurants inside the Madoka Union. They serve high-quality food, the type of fare that is served at five-star restaurants. In this campus, you get to dine in luxury while dressed in a T-shirt and jeans. No dress code. The wagyu here is so good but I only eat it after a season is over. If I win the next two games with these boys, we're gonna get a really good steak dinner.

"So I will miss a lot about Mitakihara University, but I will make sure to visit the campus every now and then when I am gone. I love this place. It's where I finally found my wife and my team, after all."

"I think Ricky has done a wonderful job being the quarterback of the Magi," said Yukina via phone interview, "but he's really done an even better job at being a husband and future father. He does all the right things, knows all the right moves, helps me with my assignment and projects, is really good in bed...I will always be proud of everything he does that's great. He is a man of character, and he is my man."


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