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Josh Yoshioka Sweepstakes continue for another week

Josh Yoshioka Sweepstakes continue for another week

By Sora Kazasawa
The Daily Magi
October 7, 2063

When Mitakihara Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname found out the news from recruiting coordinator Seara August that high school senior tight end Josh Yoshioka had dropped Notre Dame from his shortlist of schools to commit to, he breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that the heavy lifting in terms of the recruiting trail was finished.

And then he received the news that LSU, after being initially dropped from contention, had received some unknown boost of 1,660 recruiting points to now be the challenger school in the chase to win Yoshioka's commit. Yoshioka is scheduled to visit the Tigers in Week 14. Upon hearing this, Coach Kaname threatened Ms. August with a demand for resignation from her position as recruiting coordinator for the football team.

Athletic director Nagisa Momoe overheard this and the three of them had a discussion over the situation regarding Yoshioka. It was decided that if Yoshioka does not commit to Madoka, or if all the slots are filled and Yoshioka has yet to make a decision, Ms. August would be reassigned to being the recruiting coordinator for one of the Puella Magi sports teams, most likely the currently-unbeaten Puella Magi women's volleyball team. A search for a new recruiting coordinator for the football team would then commence following the 2063 season.

"I think Ms. August has done a wonderful job as our recruiting coordinator and she should be applauded for securing most of our intended targets," said Ms. Momoe at an impromptu press conference. "Recruiting isn't easy. Not everyone will gravitate to our university because other schools want them. Notre Dame was our challenger last time and they could return to the hunt and we'll have to be in a battle with two teams.

"Josh has seen our campus, and he was satisfied for the most part with what he saw. However, the young man shouldn't be penalized or chastized for committing to a different school because that is selfish thinking and a very unhealthy way of coming to terms with an unfavorable decision.

"We can't get everyone we want, and we won't get everyone we want. That's how it is. So I think Coach Kaname has to understand that we already have a solid recruiting class coming in next year. We have eight blue-chip players and three four-star athletes among our commits. That's already an excellent recruiting class coming in for the 2064 season.

"Getting Yoshioka to finally decide to play for us would be the icing on the cake, but it shouldn't be the end of the world if he commits to LSU or Notre Dame. That's just how the recruiting process is."

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