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Madoka nearly snag up all their recruits

Madoka nearly snag up all their recruits

By Sora Kazasawa
The Daily Magi
October 1, 2063

Apparently the Week 6 visit for a number of the Mitakihara Magi recruits went so well that six of the seven Good Night Boys and the Yatta Brothers have signed with Madoka. Quarterback Haruki Takayama, wide receiver D.D. Sonoda, halfback Bruno Okuno, left tackle Jasper Tanaka, right guard Bo Aoyama, left end Sean Yamashita, cornerback Tarzan Takagi and free safety Lea Eino have all committed to the Magi.

As a matter of fact, Tanaka and Sonoda did not have to visit the campus because they commited during Week 5. The only five-star local recruit that has yet to sign with Mitakihara is tight end Josh Yoshioka. Notre Dame still have a puncher's chance to get Yoshioka, but they will need to impress against favorite Florida State this week to remain in the hunt. No other schools are in the chase to get Yoshioka's commit.

One other player also signed on Week 6: Bryan Brown, a 3-star strong safety from Quebec City. Thus far, Madoka's intent of recruiting locally has panned out. 10 of the 13 commits to the Magi are from Canada, and a few more could be on the way. The hope is that Yoshioka will be among those who join.

"It's basically between us and Notre Dame," said Magi football head coach Tatsuya Kaname. "I will be surprised, if not disappointed, if Josh decides to play for a team that we've already defeated this season. We've had a history with Notre Dame in terms of recruiting. A number of players that we tried to recruit ended up signing with the Irish, like quarterback Dick Valentine, cornerbacks Arthur Carteret and Jett Salazar and defensive end Nick Andrada.

"We need to keep our local players here because I tell them that if you play for us, you'll win a national championship. You still need to put in the effort and put your big boy pants on, but you will make it to the top. Some of the local recruits I tried to get didn't realize that and we ended up laying a hurting on them, as we always do to our opponents.

"So hopefully the remaining local recruits we're trying to snap up commit to us because it's going to make us feel like we're doing something right. And that's always good to see."

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