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Magia Day 2061 salutes Homura Akemi one final time

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Magia Day 2061 salutes Homura Akemi one final time

By Konomi Fujimiya
The Daily Magi
November 8, 2061

On Monday morning, the Magi Football team's seniors of the Mitakihara University Class of 2061 wheeled in a surprise for retiring chancellor Homura Akemi: a big chocolate ice cream cake. The event even took the head coach, Tatsuya Kaname, by surprise. Decorated with marzipan in the shape of red spider lilies, the official flower of the Society, the cake was shared by the Chancellor, university founder Dr. Madoka Kaname, the extended Kaname family and even the players themselves, who had to burn the calories off with some intense workouts in the afternoon.

"I'm moved by the gesture, especially ahead of this Magia Day game this week," said Dr. Akemi, holding back tears of joy. "These seniors work so hard to make our university proud and I can't say how much I am proud of them, and all of our student athletes. They mean a lot to me and to everyone they are with. They especially mean a lot to Madoka because they are all part of her team.

"I wish them all the best in what they do, but I remind them every time I see them that the job's not done yet. Every time those boys get out on the field, I am always reminded of my younger days, and how I was full of energy. I'm not as energetic as I used to be, but when it's game time, and then head on the field, I get a lot of it back. It's a special feeling."

"Yeah, we wanted to make Dr. Homura proud, we wanted to send her out a winner," said free safety and liberal studies major Albert Taylor at the event on Monday. "But we know that this will mean nothing if we don't win the national championship. To do that, we have to beat Texas first."

"All around the campus, we're seeing signs saying 'Beat Texas' this and 'Beat Texas' that," said middle linebacker John Bell "J.B." Withers, a kinesiology major. "I'm like, 'we know what we gotta do and we gots to do it.' It fires us up because we see it everywhere."

"It's a bit straightforward to prepare for a team like Texas because they are coached by Coach Kaname's son and he uses the exact same playbook we run," said senior right outside linebacker Ty Liston, a physics major. "So Texas won't surprise us with their looks because they are essentially us, but with more inferior players, in my opinion."

"We're gonna do this for Dr. Homura," said middle linebacker Keenan Osunbor, a kinesiology major. "We need to do this. I want to make sure that Madoka doesn't lose its edge on the competition. I have to make sure we win it for the founder and her family. We have to make sure that the tradition continues long after we gone and we will do that."

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