Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mike Foli transfers to Troy

Mike Foli transfers to Troy

By Sora Kazesawa
The Daily Magi
January 14, 2063

Mitakihara Magi freshman middle linebacker Mike Foli will be transferring to Troy University next fall, according to reports from the Daily Magi. A lack of playing time was the reason for his desire to leave Canada and play for a school that competes in the Sun Belt Conference.

"Sorry, Coach," Foli told Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname in a face-to-face meeting with the coach today. "I feel that there's an opportunity for me to start somewhere else."

"This is very disappointing news, one in which apologies are not sufficient," said Coach Kaname at an impromptu press conference. "We are going to have to schedule Troy next season and we think they will be our Homecoming opponent next year. However, there is a possibility they could be an opponent we face on the road.

"Mike has already packed his bags and is in the process of transferring to Troy right now. He has been summarily disassociated with the Mitakihara Family as a result of his decision."

In other news, Buntarou Okabe has left to become the head coach at Auburn and is replaced by secondary coach Karuta Kanda, who has been an assistant since 2058. Replace Kanda is another successful cornerback, Darren Kujou, whose career was cut short due to a knee injury in the 2062 NFL season with the Seattle Seahawks.

"It's an honor to take over for Coach Okabe, but it will be a rocky road," said Coach Kanda. "However, I am confident that the transition will be a smooth one and I look forward to delivering for the coaching staff here at Mitakihara University."

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