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"My mothers dote on me too much": Takayama

Haruka Takayama, the designated "father" of Mitakihara Magi quarterback Haruki Takayama,

"My mothers dote on me too much": Takayama

By Kotone Noda
The Daily Magi
August 6, 2064

Haruki Takayama is one of a few lucky Canadians to be blessed with two mothers instead of one. That's because Madocoit, a drug specially designed to stimulate iPS cells, helped his mother Yuu Sonoda give birth to him. However, having two mothers tends to be a bit embarrassing.

"My mothers dote on me too much, Mama Haruka and Mama Yuu," said Takayama after practice at Hakurei Centre. "It's because of their unending love for me as their son that I am a fan of the song 'YATTA!' by Green Leaves, for example. I feel spoiled to have two mothers who work 9 to 5, earn a healthy salary, take care of the house, and allow me to do the manly work.

"But's it's so much fun to be with my two mothers. I don't think she'll appreciate me disclosing this, but when I was a baby, I slept between Mama Haruka's cleavage because it felt like a pillow. When I rested my head between my mother's breasts, making a murmuring sound, I fell asleep instantly. Nowadays, I buy cushions that simulate the firm suppleness of cleavages because it was my mothers that got me started.


"Mama Haruka and Mama Yuu would often debate on who wanted to sleep with me or tell bedtime stories. They were learning how to raise me, how to start a family. I decided that I wanted to find a love life myself.

"Now I have a fiancee who is my study buddy, Marie Ikeno, who is the daughter of the new guitarist for Kaname Hall, Yuzu Iizuka. She was in my graduating class at MiTSS and played on the swim team. She's currently a water polo player for the Puella Magi. Marie's been the rock for me, aside from my moms. She dotes on me when my moms aren't seen doting on me. Marie's like a third mom at times.

"Even to this day I still think about Mama Haruka and Mama Yuu, but I realize that now that I'm an adult, I need to be responsible for me. That's why I promised to Marie that she's going to be my wife and I will take care of her financially and what now. I'll give her the world, if I can. My moms know her well, too, and are good friends with here. They even tell her some important advice about life and love.

"And that's why I'm blessed to have two mothers. I learn more about life, love and peace when I have a double mother figure to keep my feet on the ground and my aim for the sky. My time at Mitakihara University will be dedicated to both of them."


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