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No surprises as Takuto Itsuka commits to Madoka on spot

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Tohka Yatogami, the mother of future Mitakihara Magi left outside linebacker Takuto Shidou Itsuka.

No surprises as Takuto Itsuka commits to Madoka on spot

By Anna Hendrix
The Daily Magi
July 24, 2062

It's as if he knew the in-house visit was coming. One of the finest young outside linebackers to play weakside for the MitSS Angels is ready to make the jump to Tatsuya Kaname's Magi.

"So what happened was this: my mom [Tohka Yatogami] heard the doorbell ring, and at the door was this guy, accompanied by a few cheerleaders in pink and white," said left outside linebacker Takuto Shidou Itsuka via phone interview to the Daily Magi. "Turns out, those cheerleaders were Mitakihara University students. And that was Coach Kaname. 

"The guy says to Mom, 'Hello, is Takuto Itsuka here?' Then Mom says, 'Oh my gosh, Coach Kaname? I remember you! I did scouting for you when I was a student! Wow!' She was hugging Coach like crazy, then she says, 'Tak, get the door, it's Coach Kaname!' I head over, and I see Coach Kaname in his trademark trucker hat, sweater vest and khakis, dapper and clean as ever. And his entourage of cheergirls.

"Coach says, 'Hello, Takuto, I'm Coach Tatsuya Kaname of the Mitakihara University Magi football team.' I stop him, saying, 'You don't have to say anything else. I'm signing!' He was like, 'Whoa. Already? I just got here a few minutes ago and you're committing already?' I said, 'Mom told me about you and how she used to work for you as a scout. And you're a cool person. I'm joining the team next year.' He's like, 'Excellent, I guess.' I then said, 'Come on in, I'll go make lunch for you and my soon-to-be...classmates. Mom doesn't know how to cook so I have to teach her.' That triggered some giggles from the girls and a retort from mom. She said, 'How dare you say that!' I then said, 'I'm just kidding. Let's cook something for our guests.'

"What happened afterwards was that I made some BLT sandwiches and Spam musubi for Coach and crepes for the cheergirls. Coach is a big eater, so he finished his share easily. 'We're gonna train you hard next summer so that when late August comes, you'll be ready to put your road warrior skills to the test,' Coach said. He added, 'We start our season with five games on the road and then seven games at home. We're an independent, so we can get away with this setup unless we join a conference.'

"I then asked Coach, 'why don't you want to join a conference?' He said, 'We've played in every conference that exists, including the old Big East and Western Athletic Conferences. We want to play against the best teams in college football because we are known as The Best College Football Team In All of College Football. It's a massive responsibility to bear, but our five decades plus of winning national championships is a testament to that. And the best part get to play a huge role in all this. How about that?'

"I really owe a lot to my mom telling me about Mitakihara University. Actually, I owe a lot to my mom AND dad [Shidou Itsuka] and my aunt Kotori [Itsuka] for telling me about this university and the fine work everybody does there. Shintarou and Dakota [Okabe] are my brothers-in-law and are also being recruited by Coach Kaname. I want them to join me, but it's up to them."

Mitakihara open up the 2062 college football season against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish in a 1 vs. 2 showdown at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Ind.

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