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Takayama, Sonoda "big boys with big dreams"

Yuu Sonoda and Haruka Takayama, the parents of Mitakihara Magi recruit Haruki Takayama.

Takayama, Sonoda "big boys with big dreams"

By Anna Hendrix
The Daily Magi
November 20, 2062

Two recruits that Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi are keying in on for next season's recruiting blitz are a couple of players from the MitSS Angels: quarterback Haruki Bonell Takayama, wide receiver Daiki Deshou "Dee Dee" Sonoda. Haruki is the son of Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda, both Mitakihara University liberal arts majors and members of the Class of 2045. Dee Dee is the son of Mitsuki Sonoda and Rina Sakai, also both graduates of Madoka and also majoring in liberal arts.

As blue-chip recruits for 2063, other top programs are keeping an eye on Takayama and Sonoda, including Ohio State, Alabama and Notre Dame.

Haruki's pregame ritual is playing an extended remix of Green Leaves' "YATTA!" while putting on his gear for games. Indeed, he is the grandson of the late Hideki Fujisawa, one of the most famous songwriters in Japan and an inspiration to mroing Musume. The song was so popular among the team that it's even become a theme song for Dee Dee.

"We like a lot of music that we share with other on and off the field," said Dee Dee at practice. "But YATTA!...man, that became our theme song. Even our pep band is playing it and the fans are bouncing to the melody, chanting 'M! i! T! S! S!' Like that. It's almost as if you can't lose when you play with the Angels.

"As for me, Haruki's got the dual threat skills that are important when playing for Coach Kaname. I like to catch passes, not so much block, even though I can do that, too. We complement each other that our classmates have been calling us the Yatta Brothers. Well, we are brothers-in-law, but I guess it's nice to be recognized."

"I'm proud to say I have two moms and two aunts and Dee Dee is proud to say he has two moms and two aunts," Haruki said of his upbringing. "He lives next door and when were younger, Mama Yuu would try her luck at grilling steak on Canada Day in the back yard. Turns out, she's better at stir-frying. Eventually, Dee Dee and I got good at cooking, and so we learned to cook for everybody. Nowadays, we just watch the fireworks from Mitakihara Harbour on Canada Day.

"My parents are telling me to stay here and play for Madoka, but I don't know. I want to examine my options and then make a decision next fall. Both of us are second-year students at Mitakihara Secondary School, so we have a lot of time to make up our minds. I don't believe we need to rush things now."

"I want Haruki to know that Yuu and I are proud of him," Haruka said of her two sons. "So they don't need to make a choice now, but in a perfect world, when Coach Kaname decides to stop by, he already knows where his heart is. If he makes that choice that I know he's going to make, my wife and I are going to be real happy and we can relax."

"I hope Dee Dee has his mind straight, his head straight, his everything straight," said Mitsuki, Dee Dee's father by way of Madocoit. "I really see him joining the Magi and staying here. I would be heartbroken if he commits elsewhere."

"I'm fine wherever Dee Dee decides to go," said Sakai. "He's an adult, he can make his own decisions, but the important thing is for him to be satisfied with the choices he makes. Let's be honest. My son has important choice to make next fall as to where he plays his college ball at. It's not easy to be in my son's shoes right now. Or Haruki's. They are big boys with big dreams."

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