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Vast majority of Mitakihara students confess to making love in the nude

Vast majority of Mitakihara students confess to making love in the nude

By Anna Hendrix
The Daily Magi
January 12, 2062

A recent survey by the Province Newspaper discovered that a clear majority of Mitakihara University students are sexually active and are either engaged or married legally. As Canada is one of the first countries that legalizes same-sex marriage, tolerance for the LGBT community is strong and encouraged.

The survey shows that 90% of Madoka students have engaged in sexual activity. 85% have engaged in sexual activity in the nude at least once per month. 56% indicate that they engage in foreplay at least three times per week, and 53% mention that sex is used as a physical exercise not only to stimulate the libido, but also mind and body. 46% of couples enrolled at Mitakihara are lesbians, 33% are straight couples, 20% are gay couples, and the remaining percentage are either transgender or "Decline to State."

So why is it that Mitakihara has earned a reputation as one of the most virile, LGBT-friendly universities in terms of sex? Almost all students point to one of the legacies of the founder.

"When they were 14, Dr. [Madoka] Kaname and Dr. [Homura] Akemi, who are my aunt and mother, respectively, consummated in the nude to declare their commitment to each other," said current Mitakihara University Chancellor-elect Honoka Kaname, the daughter of Dr. Akemi and Mitakihara football head coach Tatsuya Kaname. "In those days, they didn't have any shame in declaring their love for one another with nothing on. When students in the early days of the university learned about this story, which has now become a legend in its own right, the proliferation of safe sex became rampant.

"Our university has a policy in the Honor Code called the Love Clause. It states this: 'A couple that attends this university must be tested to ensure there are no diseases that may jeopardize their relationship or otherwise force them to adopt children if they wish to start a family. Furthermore, a couple, irrespective of orientation, must be committed to its own well-being, and that adulterous relationships are strongly discouraged. If an adulterous relationship takes place, it is the duties of all parties to reconcile and keep the family bonds stronger than steel. Any relationship that ends in violence can be punished to the full extent of the law and is grounds for dismissal.'

"Basically, it says that you have to be smart with who you choose to love and don't cheat on your partner because we don't want a broken relationship to end in violence. We drafted that years ago because quite frankly, the whole community was sick and tired of the drama that the media makes its money off of, and it wants none of it. I'm proud to say that those types of situations don't happen all that often out here because struggling couples utlize our counseling services to get their relationships back on track.

"I want people to fall in love for the right reason, not just because they are obligated. You can't manufacture such feelings. Love comes from within, and I think our students know it and they are free to express it with those who they treasure the most."

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