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"It's good to be a captain's wife": Renge Komadori

"It's good to be a captain's wife": Renge Komadori

By Kate Hoshimiya
The Daily Magi
September 6, 2067

The Daily Magi's Kate Hoshimiya sat down with Renge Komadori, the wife of Mitakihara Magi wide receiver Dee Dee Sonoda, who is this year's captain on offense. Along the way, there were some very candid answers that came about regarding one of the most influential leaders on offense.

Kate: You heard from Dee Dee's teammates that your husband was named the captain of the Magi football team. What were your thoughts?

Renge: First, it was one of surprise because I thought Trick [Haruki Takayama] was going to be named captain of the team. I think it surprised Daiki himself. Afterwards, it was a feeling of contentment, because for me, it's good to be a captain's wife. It's something that you don't normally get, so it's a nice feeling.

Kate: We all know how much Dee Dee is a fan of the Ramones, but does he also like Canadian music?

Renge: Oh yeah, he is a fan of Bryan Adams, Barenaked Ladies and Bachman Turner Overdrive. He also likes local bands here like Kaname Hall, Kazero Wingman and OWeTriP West. He's also into JPop and JRock.

Kate: Does Dee Dee prefer to be a receiver or a blocker?

Renge: What he's told me is that in his offense, he gets to do a little of both. Most of the time, he's a blocker but on occasions, he catches the ball. Daiki's got really good hands and has the stride of a gazelle.

Kate: Has he improved on his speed, vertical, bench press and squat?

Renge: Last week, a few pro scouts did pay him a visit at Hakurei Centre, and based on what he told me, Daiki runs a 4.0 40, has a vertical leap of 91", bench presses 300 kg and squats 350 kg. Strength, by Daiki's standards, is average but he makes up for it with really good speed.

Kate: What about his leadership?

Renge: Daiki believes that actions speak louder than words, and when the team listens to what he has to say and carries out what he tells them to do, everyone benefits. He gives orders, but he also listens to the team and defers overall decisions to the team so that everyone agrees on the next steps.

Kate: How is he going with his kinesiology degree?

Renge: Finishing up this semester with an 93 percent grade, which is an A. Same with me, except I am a liberal studies major.

Kate: When Dee Dee is tired after a long day practicing or a road trip, how do you manage?

Renge: He washes up, we have lunch or dinner and we talk about what the team is doing and what's gonna happen next. We also talk about school and the many things we can do here in Mitakihara. Sometimes I ask about any issues regarding the team and how they were able to get it done.

Kate: Is he good in bed?

Renge: Oh yes. I make him real good in bed. I don't want to give away too much's kinda private stuff... *blushes*

Kate: All right. Moving right along, what about the team? Who do you think's gonna have a big year.

Renge: The new fullback, Joe Sato. He's had a great start to his career, as is Haku [Ichijou]. I thought Coach Kaname was going to lose him to Missouri, but they got him. And he's delivering. I want Haruki to get the Heisman, but Jansen [Onjouji] surprised a lot of people with what he's done.

Kate: How did you celebrate the Canadian Bicentennial?

Renge: I watched the fireworks with Daiki then we ate at A&W. I never had a Teen Burger until then, but the first time I ate it...I fell in love with it. It's a classic. I can see why it's a best-seller among the Burger Family members. It's what a hamburger is supposed to be.

Kate: What do you think of Canada turning 200 years old?

Renge: It's a great moment in this nation's history, and I think the whole world needs to salute this nation for being awesome in its own right. There's so many great things about Canada that countless books, poems, songs, art and other things have been done to celebrate it. Canada's story is part of the world's story and I think our world needs to salute Canada for being the beautiful country that it is, from sea to sea.

Week 3 2067 Preview

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Madoka barrel past UCLA Bruins, 164-28

Madoka barrel past UCLA Bruins, 164-28

By Kate Hoshimiya
The Daily Magi
September 3, 2067

Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi were ruthless in their 164-28 demolition of the UCLA Bruins at the Rose Bowl. The Magi offense was led the by playmaking ability of quarterback Haruki "Trick" Takayama. Trick passed for 301 yards and four touchdowns while rushing for 374 yards and seven more scores to lead the Magi.

Halfback Bruno Okuno ran for 252 yards and four touchdowns, halfback Ryan Johnson ran for 199 yards and four scores, halfback Jansen Onjouji ran for 182 yards and fullback "Go Man Go" Joe Sato rushed for 180 yards and three majors. Wide receiver Shane Balogun caught four passes for 68 yards and a touchdown while wideout Steve Takakamo caught three passes for 50 yards and two majors.

Takakamo also led the blockers on offense with 11 pancakes, while tight end Josh Yoshioka added seven pancakes. Strong safety Shiroyuki Kaname had 17 tackles to lead the defense. Right outside linebacker Sonny Miyanaga had 12 tackles and two sacks and free safety Haku Ichijou had 12 tackles and three interceptions.

Mitakihara improve to 2-0 and return the East Coast next week to take on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights.

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"I look up to Trick as a mentor": Joe Sato

Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda, the parents of Haruki Takayama.

"I look up to Trick as a mentor": Joe Sato

By Kate Hoshimiya
The Daily Magi
September 1, 2067

Mitakihara Magi fullback Joe Sato, known to all as "Go Man Go," is a fine example of a leader-in-the-making. Standing at a tall 6'0", 230 lbs, Sato look up to the seniors for guidance. There is one person, among the seniors, that Sator admires the most, and it's not offensive captain Dee Dee Sonoda. It's the quarterback.

"Trick [Haruki Takayama] is a player I had heard about when I first played for the Mitakihara [Secondary School] Angels," said Sato. "I heard that he was making a name for himself at Mitakihara University, so I wanted to make a priority to follow him and learn from him so I can be a better football player.

"What I like about Trick are his parents. They are gorgeous MILFs, and I can't believe how lucky he is to have those types of parents like that. Even while they're in their 40's, they like to consummate with each other. It's something else. Aside from their fondness for each other, they're good parents and great people.

"The thing I like about Mitakihara, aside from players I can look up to, is the fans. They are the most rabis college sports fans out there because they are accustomed to winning. When they do that chant of "Go Man Go," I get a rush of energy because I know I will be making a big play. I already have three rushing touchdowns and I am looking to gain a few more as this season goes along. I look forward to heading to Los Angeles this week and heading to the Rose Bowl to take it to UCLA. I want to give those fans something to think about." 

Week 2 2067 Preview

Okuno runs loose on West Virginia as Madoka cruise

Okuno runs loose on West Virginia as Madoka cruise

By Kate Hoshimiya
The Daily Magi
August 27, 2067

Bruno Okuno ran for 441 yards and five touchdowns as Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi destroyed the West Virginia Mountaineers in the pouring rain, 94-16, in the 2067 Big Game With No Name at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. Quarterback Haruki Takayama passed for 164 yards and a touchdown while rushing for 240 yards and four more scores.

Fullback Joe Sato, making his debut, ran for 96 yard and three touchdowns; wide receiver Dee Dee Sonoda caught four passes for 104 yards and a score; and wide receiver Steve Takakamo led the blockers with 21 pancakes while Sonoda added 17. Freshman strong safety Shiroyuki Kaname had 13 tackles to lead the defense, middle linebacker Danny Miyanaga had 11 tackles and three other players on defense had an interception each.

"This was a big day out for Bruno," said Coach Kaname after the game. "We wanted him to go nuts against West Virginia because he deserved to. It was several months in the making, but his patience has been justly rewarded. I think we're going to see a lot more out of Bruno this year before the season is done."

Mitakihara improve to 1-0 and head to the other coast and the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, Calif., next week, to face the UCLA Bruins.

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Marching Ultimates find their niche in...national anthems!?

Marching Ultimates find their niche in...national anthems!?

By Kate Hoshimiya
The Daily Magi
July 21, 2067

Dr. Alex Cochran-Pierce, known as The Master for his musical genius as a composer and band director, has one of the most extensive flag collections related to the noisy neighbours down south, the United States of America. He owns every version of the flag from different periods of admissions of states, the most recent being when Puerto Rico was admitted as the 51st state in the Union on July 4 of this year. 

Dr. Cochran-Pierce has been an advocate of using the Confederate flag as a fashion item, along the lines of the Nazi swastika, the hammer and sickle of the old Soviet Union, and the old North Korean flag. Indeed, he designed a new, evolving line of lowleg and string bikinis geared towards the young Canadian female hipster market based around taboo flags and emblems.

But aside from his fashion design hobbies, which have earned him a hatful of cash on the side, he is responsible for advocating the Mitakihara University Marching Ultimates' option to play stirring heartfelt renditions of national anthems during the pregame of numberous sporting events in their entirety. As result, the pregames of numerous Mitakihara Magi and Puella Magi home matches are longer than most.

The reason for this is a delicious juxtaposition: treat your opponents like royals before the teams take away their clothes, their dignity and the vaseline to boot, just to rub it in. In other words, lift them up before you run them down. It's something that has been a part of the Mitakihara mystique ever since Dr. Cochran-Pierce, the son of the late Dr. Mary Cochran, became the Director of Bands.

Mitakihara University Marching Ultimates' version of the Star Spangled Banner.

"Our rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner honors the history and integrity of our neighbours," said Dr. Cochran-Pierce. "They are a part of us, like we are a part of them. It also helps that they are a Commonwealth member like we are, so we are truly sister countries. Therefore, I composed a version of their national anthem that reaches out to them and embraces them. Outside of competition, we are one. We may have our differences, but in many ways we think alike.

Mitakihara University Marching Ultimates' version of O Canada.

"I had previously composed a version of O Canada that we also do for pregame events that is similarly powerful in its intentions. This version, along with our version of the SSB, is played during all home games where the Marching Ultimates are needed. The only complaints that I've heard is that it makes pregame longer that it should. After winning many national championships, I think we've earned the right to do our pregame our way. And it's with power, passion, pride and respect."

In addition to renditions of the anthems of Canada and the United States, Dr. Cochran-Pierce has made arrangements of the national anthems of Russia, Australia, Korea, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, China and Ireland with more nations to come.

"FINALLY!": Haku Ichijou became a Magi after all

Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki, the parents of Mitakihara Magi FS Haku Ichijou.

"FINALLY!": Haku Ichijou became a Magi after all

By Kate Hoshimiya
The Daily Magi
July 2, 2067

Five months ago, a massive decision had to be made for free safety Haku Ichijou between three schools: Missouri, Mitakihara and Minnesota. Three caps were placed on a table in the middle of the gym at Taniguchi Hall, on the campus of Mitakihara Town Secondary School, with one of each university. Through artificial smoke came the Hawk, as he was called.

The voice on the PA, the headmaster, Chester Hong Cheong, said, "Haku Ichijou, which school will you choose?" he said in his deep, menacing, yet strangely humorous voice. 10 second passed, and then, taking a deep breath...he chose the  pink hat with the shield and rune M. The crowd erupted, and his parents, Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki, memebers of the Class of '49, let out a sigh of relief.

"FINALLY!" they both said, tears falling off their eyes. It took several months, two visits, a lot of pitching and sleepless nights...but on Feb. 2, 2067, Haku decided to follow his heart and be a member of the Mitakihara family. A late 11th hour push from Madoka recruiting coordinator Seara August was more than enough to convince Haku that he belonged with the Best College Football Team in All of College Football.

"As soon as Ms. Seara made that call, I knew we were going to take my son away from Mizzou," said Raku, a liberal arts major and currently working for a consulting firm in Mitakihara. "He will never win anything there. He was going to stay here, and that was that. I still wonder why it had to go down to the wife, but we got it done."

"I'm so proud of my son," said Kirisaki, also a liberal arts major at Mitakihara. "I told Haku before National Letter of Intent Day, if you choose Madoka, you WILL start the first game and you will make big plays for the Magi. You will not regret it if you choose Mitakihara. I promise you. He listened. And that's what I like about our son. He's a good listener, a good student, is always honest with his action, and always stays out of trouble. He did what he was supposed to do and now he gets a chance to reap the benefits."

"I am so thrilled that our son's gonna play for the team of teams," Raku added. "We got our season tickets ordered, I got my mates joining with me at the tailgaye, I got my Men About Town membership card in the mail, Chitoge's ready for all those Roseluck We are, literally...bursting at the seams right now. You can't imagine how overjoyed we are to know that we don't have to worry about him anymore. Haku's staying with us, we're gonna see him win games, and we are going to have a massive party here in M-Town when we win another national championship.

"My son is ready to make some history, everybody. You'd better fasten your seatbelts, Canada: 2067 is gonna be EPIC! Happy 200th birthday!"

Championships? We Got Championships!

Championships? We Got Championships!

By Kate Hoshimiya
The Daily Magi
July 1, 2067

Canada is officially 200 years old, and not only is Mitakihara University celebrating 200 years of Canadian Confederation...they are celebrating a record national championship heist. Mitakihara University has won 42 national championships this year, including their first-ever cross country national championships since starting the program last season. The most successful programs, historically, have been the football and women's volleyball teams.

2067 West Coast Conference Champions (20th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (20th)

Men's Basketball
2066-67 West Coast Conference Champions (30th)
2066-67 NCAA Division I National Champions (30th)

Women's Basketball
2066-67 West Coast Conference Champions (30th)
2066-67 NCAA Division I National Champions (30th)

Men's Cross-Country
2066 West Coast Conference Champions (1st)
2066 NCAA Division I National Champions (1st)

Women's Cross-Country
2066 West Coast Conference Champions (1st)
2066 NCAA Division I National Champions (1st)

Men's Fencing
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (25th)

Women's Fencing
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (27th)

Field Hockey
2066 NorPac Field Hockey Conference Champions (35th)
2066 NCAA Division I National Champions (35th)

2066 BCS National Champions (57th)

Men's Golf
2067 West Coast Conference Champions (15th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (20th)

Women's Golf
2067 West Coast Conference Champions (20th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (23rd)

Men's Handball
2066-67 USHA Division I National Champions (10th)

Women's Handball
2066-67 USHA Division I National Champions (5th)

Men's Ice hockey
2067 WCHA Champions (40th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (45th)

Women's Ice hockey
2067 WCHA Champions (45th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (50th)

Men's Lacrosse
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (15th)

Women's Lacrosse
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (10th)

Men's Rowing
2067 Pac-12 Conference Champions (25th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (25th)

Women's Rowing
2067 Pac-12 Conference Champions (30th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (30th)

Men's Sailing
2066-67 ICSA National Champions (12th)

Women's Sailing
2066-67 ICSA National Champions (10th)

Men's Skiing
2066-67 NCAA National Champions (30th)

Women's Skiing
2066-67 NCAA National Champions (30th)

Men's Soccer
2066 MPSF Champions (40th)
2066 NCAA Division I National Champions (40th)

Women's Soccer
2066 West Coast Conference Champions (35th)
2066 NCAA Division I National Champions (38th)

Sand volleyball
2067 AVCA National Champions (30th)

2067 West Coast Conference Champions (30th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (30th)

Men's Squash
2067 National Champions (10th)

Women's Squash
2067 National Champions (6th)

Men's Swimming and diving
2066-67 MPSF Champions (20th)
2066-67 NCAA Division I National Champions (15th)

Women's Swimming and diving
2066-67 MPSF Champions (20th)
2066-67 NCAA Division I National Champions (15th)

Men's Tennis
2067 West Coast Conference Champions (23rd)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (15th)

Women's Tennis
2067 West Coast Conference Champions (27th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (18th)

Men's Indoor Track and field
2067 MPSF Champions (10th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (5th)

Women's Indoor Track and field
2067 MPSF Champions (11th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (8th)

Men's Volleyball
2067 MPSF Champions (30th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (40th)

Women's Volleyball
2067 West Coast Conference Champions (50th)
2067 NCAA Division I National Champions (55th)

Men's Water Polo
2066 MPSF Champions (26th)
2066 NCAA Division I National Champions (23rd)

Women's Water Polo
2067 MPSF Champions (30th)
2066 NCAA Division I National Champions (30rd)

Men's Wrestling
2066-67 Big Ten Champions (15th)
2066-67 NCAA Division I National Champions (20th)

Women's Wrestling
2066-67 Big Ten Champions (3rd)
2066-67 NCAA Division I National Champions (3rd)

In addition, the men's and women's rugby teams won their 15th and third straight National University Rugby Sevens Championships, respectively, defeating the Victoria Vikes 35-5 and 25-10, also respectively. All in all, this was a landmark year for Mitakihara University Athletics, something that won't be seen for a very long time. The Prophecy of the Supersonic Salvation has indeed been fulfilled.

Week 1 2067 Preview

2067 Preseason All-Americans and All-Conference Selections

Madoka 2067 Recruits List

2067 Mitakihara Magi Football Schedule

2067 Mitakihara Magi Football Team

2067 Mitakihara Magi Football Staff

Magi Football Coaching Staff (2067)
Head Coach: Tatsuya Kaname
Offensive Coordinator: Makoto Naegi
Quarterbacks: Rajiv Singh
Running Backs: Kohei Miyahara
Receivers: Takumu Mayuzumi
Offensive Line: Andrew Coley Farina
Defensive Coordinator: Chance Shinagawa
Defensive Line: Harutora Tsuchimikado
Linebackers: Jeff Nakazawa
Secondary: Darren Kujou
Special Teams: Ronnie Hinchcliffe
Graduate Assistant: DaMarcus Skobrev
Recruiting Coordinator: Seara August

Tatsuya Kaname became a Coach Level 54 in 2022. He became a Coach Level 27 in Recruiting in 2019 and a Coach Level 27 in Game Management in 2022.

Magi Sprint Football Coaching Staff (2067)
Head Coach: Dominique Wright
Offensive Coordinator: Sam Tremblay
Quarterbacks: Ricky Cojuangco
Running Backs: Lance Williams
Receivers: Makoto Yasaka
Offensive Line: Stephen Azubuike
Defensive Coordinator: Thomas Pittman
Defensive Line: Paul Attobrah
Linebackers: Ryan Kwarasey
Secondary: Trevon Miller
Special Teams: Yoshino Kousaka
Graduate Assistant: Lamont Carter

Team Doctor: Nao Midorikawa, M.D.
Athletic Director: Shizuku Minami

Chancellor: Honoka Kaname
Vice-Chancellor: Hozuki Ferrari
Provosts: Akiho Senomiya (Mitakihara), Chisaki Hiradaira (Leafa College), Satone Shichimiya (Japan Campus), Fernandia Malvezzi (Mitakihara-Squamish)
Visitor: Rt. Hon. Amy Pearson, Premier of British Columbia

Tatsuya Kaname with Madoka until 2070

Tatsuya Kaname with Madoka until 2070

By Kate Hoshimiya
The Daily Magi
January 14, 2067

The legacy of Mitakihara Magi football head coach Tatsuya Kaname lives on. Today, Coach Kaname was given a four-year contract extension that will see college football's most successful coach lead the Magi until the 2070 season. Coach Kaname has 747 victories against just seven defeats for a winning percentage of 0.99, far better than that of Knute Rockne of Notre Dame.

"You know, I never get tired of this," said Coach Kaname at a luncheon involving the Men About Town inside Hakurei Center. "It's exciting feeling to know that you are part of something special and that you will always be associated with something special.

"I've been around this game for nearly six decades and the energy I get when I am part of this, it's something you can't get anywhere else. So, with that said I look forward to helping develop the next group of players that will be donning our famous strip."

Finally, after just one season on the job, Mitakihara Magi offensive coordinator Leeroy Jenkins is on the move. Jenkins was named the head coach at Miami University of Ohio. Replacing him is quarterbacks coach Makoto Naegi. The new quarterbacks coach for the Magi in the 2067 is Rajiv Singh, recruited from the sprint football team. Former graduate assistant Ricky Cojuangco will be the quarterbacks coach there.

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Coach Kaname updates record books after another perfect year

Coach Kaname updates record books after another perfect year

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
January 7, 2067

Mitakihara Magi head football coach Tatsuya Kaname, after a 209-52 victory for the Magi over the West Virginia Mountaineers in the 2067 BCS National Championship Game, rewrote the records for longest win streak, national titles, bowl victories, career victories, bowl appearances, games coached and years at a school. Coach Kaname is the winningest head coach in the history of college fooball, both in terms of winning percentage and total wins.

"I'm already in my 70s, and I've been coaching the game like I've been in my teenage years at this university," said Coach Kaname from his home in Mitakihara Town, B.C. "It gives me quite a thrill to see all these wonderful young men continue to fly the banner for Mitakihara University and win individual and team honors for their school. So hopefully we get to have some more fun doing it all over again. It's been a fun ride."

In addition to football, Mitakihara have won national championships this year in men's cross country, women's cross country, men's soccer, women's soccer, field hockey, women's volleyball, men's handball and men's water polo.

Tatsuya Kaname
Coaching Career - Longest Win Streak 493
Coaching Career - National Titles 53
Coaching Career - Bowl Victories 55
Coaching Career - Career Victories 747
Coaching Career - Bowl Appearances 55
Coaching Career - Games Coached 754
Coaching Career - Years at a School 56

Mitakihara 2066 Season Stats

[Image: magifootballintro.jpg]

2066 STATS

Week 18 2066 News

Mitakihara win No. 53 with 209-52 rout of West Virginia

Mitakihara win No. 53 with 209-52 rout of West Virginia

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
January 6, 2067

Ring the victory bells, Mitakihara Town. Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi are national champions once again. They defeated the West Virginia Mountaineers 209-52 in the 2067 BCS National Championship Game at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. Quarterback Haruki Takayama passed for 522 yards and eight touchdowns while rushing for 82 yards and two more scores to lead the Magi.

Backup quarterback Terry Miyanaga passed for 247 yards and two touchdowns, halfback Jansen Onjouji ran for 300 yards and five scores, haldback Bruno Okuno ran for 67 yards and two majors and halfback Ryan Johnson rushed for 125 yards and three touchdowns. Wide receiver Shane Balogun caught six passes for 161 yards and three touchdowns, wideout Dee Dee Sonoda caught two passes for 132 yards and two scores and wideout Steve Takakamo caught two passes for 90 yards and two majors. Sonoda also returned a kickoff 81 yards for a touchdown.

Balogun led the offense in blocking with 23 pancakes while wideout George Griffin added 12 more pancakes. Middle linebacker Adam Odunlami led the defense in tackling with 11 tackles and a sack. Cornerback Howard Skinner had 10 tackles, two sacks and an interceptions; strong safety Chris Niskanen and middle linebacker Takuto Itsuka each had a couple of picks, cornerback Victor Ejide added three sacks and a pick; and cornerback Tarzan Takagi wrapped up another solid year with four tackles and four interceptions.

"This was an awesome year from our men, and credit goes out to everyone involved: the players, coaches, support team, administration, students, fans, alumni and boosters, for making season our season," said Coach Kaname after the fame. "I told them before the start of the game, if you run the plays and know what to do, it's easy, and they made it look easy. I've very proud of these boys, especially the seniors who finish their careers off in style. Hats off to everybody for a job well done."

Mitakihara end the season 13-0.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Mystique of Hero Certified Burgers


The Mystique of Hero Certified Burgers

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
December 21, 2066

Hero Certified Burgers is a quick service restaurant franchise chain that operates in Canada, with locations concentrated in Southern Ontario. The chain was founded in 2004 by John Lettieri, who opened the first store in Hazelton Lanes in Yorkville, Ontario. Lettieri also owns the restaurant chain Lettieri café, based in Toronto. The company was the first Canadian franchise to focus on the provision of feast foods using food products from vendors that adhere to sustainable practices.

The chain has over 70 locations in Ontario. Hero Certified Burgers are partners of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and the Official Burger of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Marlies. Fare includes hamburgers and veggie burgers, poultry and wild Alaskan salmon sandwiches, poutine, Ontario-grown greenhouse tomatoes and gluten-free food options.The company uses fresh (rather than frozen) french fries, and offers real cheese, such as Gorgonzola, smoked provolone and Brie.

Hero Certified Burgers uses 100% Heritage Angus Beef, which adheres to sustainable agriculture practices. The beef contains no preservatives or additives, cattle are raised in a free range environment and are grass-fed, and no antibiotics or growth hormones are used. The beef is seasoned during its preparation in restaurants. In 2012, Heritage Angus ranchers won the 2012 Canadian National Environmental Stewardship Award (TESA), a national award that "recognizes excellence and sustainable management and conservation practices."

Hero Certified Burgers was the first Canadian chain to use a new type of packaging for all of their products that is produced from 100% post-industrial/post-consumer recycled paper, and uses 35% to 70% less paper per piece than traditional forms of fast food packaging. The packaging, created by GreenDustries, won a Foodservice Packaging Institute award in 2010. Elements of sustainable design are utilized in the company's restaurants, such as using led lighting, non-toxic cleaning products and reclaimed wood.

In 2010, the company donated $8,000 to the Toronto’s SickKids Foundation, in a charity drive wherein a hamburger-combination dish was discounted to half-price for three days, and $0.50 from each sale was donated. In 2005 Hero Certified Burgers was a finalist in the ARC Awards, nominated for Best New Retail Concept. In 2012 Hero Certified Burgers won the Top Choice Award for Top Burger Shop in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). In 2013, founder John Lettieri was a finalist in Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Week 17 2066 Preview

2066 All-Americans and All-Conference Selections

2066 Award Winners

2066 Heisman Trophy Results

The Mystique of Pickle Barrel


The Mystique of Pickle Barrel

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
December 7, 2066

Founded in 1971, Pickle Barrel is a chain of 20 Canadian restaurants located in the Greater Toronto Area. During the early 2000s Pickle Barrel changed its image, with a more upscale, trendy look, though restaurants made before this still sport signature photos, each location having different themes. Though still being seen as a family restaurant, since the updated look the restaurant has a more formal atmosphere with the same reasonable prices.

The menu has a wide variety covering most types of regional fare, as well as multicultural menus. Pickle Barrel also has catering, and two of their restaurants have banquet halls, Leslie Street and Markville Shopping Centre. Recently in 2063, Pickle Barrel hired Jack Daniels of Daniel and Meerson Catering and consultant for Glow Fresh Grill & Wine Bar (owned by the Pickle Barrel) to assist in the creation of new upscale and nutrition conscious menus.

The Pickle Barrel has 20 locations including some called "Pickle Barrel Grand". These "Pickle Barrel Grands" can be found at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, the intersection of Yonge and Dundas Streets, at Sherway Gardens Mall, Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, Bramalea City Centre, and Newmarket. Most Pickle Barrels are located in malls while a few are not. For example; The Pickle Barrel Deli located at 5941 Leslie Street in North York.

The company's partners include Pinty's Delicious Foods, H. J. Heinz of Canada Ltd., Profile Wine Group, Bacardi, Highliner, La Rocca Creative Cakes, Corby Distilleries Ltd., Mixology Canada Inc., Bunzl Canada, Toppers, Gambles Ontario Produce, Sleeman Breweries Ltd., Labatt Breweries of Canada, Sysco, McWilliam's Wines, and Oasis.

Week 16 2066 Preview

The Mystique of White Spot


The Mystique of White Spot

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
November 30, 2066

White Spot is a Canadian restaurant chain based in Vancouver, British Columbia, best known for its hamburgers, Pirate Pak children's meal and burger sauce. Some locations have carhop drive-in service. n the 1920s, Nat Bailey operated a travelling lunch counter, using a 1918 Model T. A prominent location was Prospect Point in Stanley Park. Hotdogs were a dime and ice cream was a nickel.

The restaurant was founded on June 16, 1928, by Nat Bailey. His first idea for a name for the eatery had been Granville Barbecue, but Nat instead took the advice of a friend who suggested he call it White Spot after a restaurant on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California—in part because the name sounded spotless and clean. The original White Spot was located in the Marpole neighbourhood, at 67th and Granville Street, at what would be known as Granville House, in Vancouver. The restaurant was called White Spot Barbecue Sandwiches, evolving into a drive-in and dining room. By 1955, the chain was serving 10,000 cars a day and 110,000 customers a week.

By the 1990s, some White Spot Drive-ins were phased out due to an increase in franchise restaurants and a gradual decrease in popularity of drive-in's. Granville House was a popular dining spot until 1988 when a fire in the kitchen damaged the building. The restaurant closed permanently at that location shortly thereafter, despite some talk of rebuilding. The carhop drive-in service began further west, at a viewpoint off Marine Drive in Point Grey, when Bailey served food from a vehicle. Drivers parked nearby asked if food could be delivered to their cars, so Bailey hired servers who "hopped to it" to do so. Similar drive-in carhop service, with servers bringing trays and food to diners' cars to eat on-site, using trays that fit across the seats between vehicles' windows, which became standard at White Spot outlets. Some locations still offer drive-in service.

The chain was sold to General Foods in 1968 when Nat retired. In 1982, White Spot returned to local ownership when the company was purchased by BC businessman Peter Toigo, becoming part of Shato Holdings Limited. After his death in 1993, his sons Peter and Ron Toigo took over ownership. In 1986, the chain was sued in the court case Gee v. White Spot, which helped set Canadian case law. The plaintiffs, Mr. Gee and Mr. and Mrs. Pan, claimed damages for botulism poisoning related to a beef dip. The decision made it easier for diners to sue restaurants for breach of contract and implied warranty instead of the harder-to-prove negligence (Canadian tort law expressly disavows strict product liability). In 1993, White Spot introduced franchising. Since 1999, their franchises have been installed on some ships in the BC Ferries fleet. By the 2000s, the chain was opening burger-focused takeout locations with its Triple-O's locations. In 2012, 64 White Spot restaurants and 62 Triple -O's served 17 million customers and generated $200 million in gross revenues.

White Spot is known for its "Pirate Paks", a children's meal introduced in 1968. The meal is set in a cardboard model of a pirate ship with small details like a chocolate coin wrapped in gold foil, a cardboard sail on a drinking straw mast, and a cup of ice cream in the captain's quarters. In the past, chef like Chuck Currie has been featured in marketing campaigns alongside guest celebrity chefs hailing from Vancouver, including John Bishop, Rob Feenie, Umberto Menghi, and Melissa Craig. "Triple-O's by White Spot" restaurants, named after the trademark "Triple-O" hamburger sauce (made of mayonnaise and hamburger relish), have been established in BC. For "Triple-O" sauce, it has been reported that, as the condiments used in the restaurants came in large containers, the excess dill pickle juice was swirled in the depleted mayonnaise jars, this mixture was then put into the depleted ketchup containers, then adding relish from the depleted relish containers, to which was added the juice and residue from the slicing of tomatoes, adding the resultant mixture to a commercial Thousand Island dressing. According to a plaque on the wall at the Surrey (Guildford) restaurant, "Legend has it that the name Triple-O was part of the shorthand language of the carhops: guests could choose from mayonnaise and relish, and the order slips were printed with three X's and three O's. An X meant hold, an O meant extra, and Triple "O" meant plenty of everything."

In the 1990s, White Spot experimented with opening outlets across the nearby U.S. border in Bellingham, Washington, without much success. Abroad, White Spot has in the past few years expanded its Triple-O's fast food chain into Hong Kong and, most recently, Bangkok. In Hong Kong, four such stores can be found at the basement of Pacific Place, and in Exchange Square, on the Hong Kong Island; and at Cooked Deli in the Harbour City shopping mall in Kowloon and in Shatin. The three Hong Kong franchises each record more than twice as many sales as the average location in BC. A location in Seoul, South Korea, opened in September, 2008. It is located near Dosan Park, in the Apgujeong neighborhood. 10 more locations are also located in Seoul.

Week 15 2066 Preview

Two scouts sent to check on East Carolina this week


Asa and Ara Okabe, the wives of Shintarou and Dakota Okabe, respectively.

Two scouts sent to check on East Carolina this week

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
November 24, 2066

Senior liberal arts majors Asa and Ara Okabe are sisters, and are the wives of Mitakihara Magi left end Shintarou Okabe and Magi right end Dakota Okabe, respectively. They have been assigned this week to scout the East Carolina Pirates as they host the Navy Midshipmen at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium in Greenville, N.C. East Carolina are currently 11-0 this season and are the strongest team in the American Athletic Conference, ranked No. 3 in the BCS rankings.

As part of the package, the Okabe sisters will be accompanied by university staff, complete with all-expenses paid flight, hotel stay and tutor.

"Dakota suggested I try taking a look at other teams but I wanted to ask Coach Kaname if Asa and I could scout someone this week, if only for the experience," said Ara, the former Arashio Miyakawa. "Coach told me that no one has signed up for a scouting mission, so Asa and I were in. I understand that this is something that generally happens at least one in November whenever there are other teams that are still unbeaten, so we're taking a look at a very good side."

"Scouting opponents is something that is very valuable in terms of strategy and figuring out who you're up against," Asa, the former Asashio Miyakawa, added. "I know that Texas A&M is currently unbeaten so far, and we might be facing them, but we could also be facing East Carolina, so it helps to look at teams that we may not expect to be our opponent. No disrespect to the Aggies, but on any given day, any top team could fall, so it helps to be watchful of the big picture."

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The Mystique of Panago


The Mystique of Panago

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
November 17, 2066

Panago is a Canadian pizza delivery and takeout chain with over 180 locations across 6 provinces. Panago is a franchise business with each location being franchisee-owned and operated. In 2065, Panago served more than 20 million pizzas and generated over 200 million dollars in sales. Owned by the Rooke family, Panago is a privately held company. The first three stores opened in 1986 in Abbotsford, BC and operated under the brand “Panagopoulos,” which is the name the chain grew under, until it was rebranded as "Panago" in 2000. Panago has a strong presence in British Columbia, which has a total of 91 locations followed by 62 locations in Alberta. Other stores in operation include 6 in Saskatchewan, 5 in Manitoba, 17 in Ontario and 2 in New Brunswick.

The Panago head office is located in Abbotsford, BC and there is a regional office in Downtown Toronto. Current expansion efforts are heavily focused in the province of Ontario, where Pizza Pizza is a dominant player. The first urban Toronto location opened at Bay and Gerrard in April 2007. According to the company, further expansion is planned for the Greater Toronto Area. Panago currently has two Customer Contact Centres located in Abbotsford, Mitakihara and Burnaby, servicing calls from British Columbia, most of Alberta, Fredericton, Moncton and parts of Ontario.

Panago specializes in pizza and offers over 40 different recipes on the menu. Customers can order by recipe or create their own. They offer regular, thin, multigrain and gluten-free crusts, nine sauces, five cheeses and over thirty toppings. The dough is made on a daily basis in each store and contains no additives. Panago's menu extends to salads, breadsticks, four types of wings & dips and shakers. Panago locations offer personal pizzas as opposed to pizza slices, as everything is made-to-order.

In 2008, Panago removed added MSG, artificial flavours and colours from all of their ingredients. This change met the approval of BC nutritionists as it allowed Panago’s pizza to fit within the stricter guidelines for food in schools that were put forth by the BC government in September, 2009. Partnered with a number of schools in the Vancouver region, Panago offers 18 different serving sizes for 5 pizza selections that meet the criteria and fall under the "Choose Most" category.

Similarly these school offerings, served in the most popular serving size of 1/10 or 1/8 of a large pizza, also meet the requirements for Ontario’s “Sell Most” category. The “Sell Most” category is outlined in the new nutritional policy from the province of Ontario and includes nutritional standards for food and beverages sold in schools. This policy, entitled the School Food and Beverage Policy, announced in January 2010, took effect on September 1, 2011. Leading up to the full implementation, schools were encouraged to consider implementing the policy as soon as possible. Panago is also a partner of the Vancouver Aquarium and offers only Ocean Wise certified seafood on the menu. Certification requires that all seafood is sourced from a sustainable fishery and harvested in an environmentally sound manner.

Launched in 2000, Panago is known by many customers for popularizing dips and shakers which are offered with the purchase of every pizza. In 2003, Panago launched the largest deployment of wireless debit-at-the-door machines in Canada, allowing customers to purchase their delivered pizzas without cash or cheque. In 2008, Panago released a private label line of take-home products called Panago Cucina. The Cucina product line includes olives, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, pizza seasoning shakers, organic juices and water. Panago has published recipes that customers can use at home that incorporate ingredients from the product line at In 2008, Panago also launched a reusable insulated pizza bag. The bag is designed to keep pizza hot for customers who pick up their pizza.

In May 2009, Panago was the recipient of 12 Frankie Awards presented by the Canadian Franchise Association. Gold awards were given for store design, brochures, packaging and a December 2008 promotion. Panago is partnered with advertising and design firm Mercer Creative. In November 2010, an independent study, conducted by J. D. Power and Associates found Panago Pizza ranked highest in the quick service category in the Vancouver market (Quick service was defined as places offering inexpensive food, ordered at a register or selected from a food bar and where meals are paid for being served to the customer). The study included satisfaction rankings for restaurant chains using four factors that typically drive overall customer satisfaction. Listed in order of importance, these factors include: price; service (including timeliness of order and wait staff courtesy and friendliness); meal (including quality/taste of food, meal presentation and portion size); and environment (including ambiance, cleanliness and convenience of location/hours).

Panago participates in community initiatives centered on amateur sport, children’s literacy, volunteerism and fundraising. Awards developed to recognize children for good sportsmanship and literacy are distributed by Panago locations. Each one is redeemable for a small pizza for children who earn them in the classroom or while playing sport. Panago also offers assistance with fundraising to amateur sport teams and not for profit organizations in addition to pizza donations in support of volunteerism.