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Danny, Sonny and Terry Miyanaga at the ready for Madoka


Saki and Teru Miyanaga, grandmothers of 
Mitakihara Magi recruits Danny, Sonny and Terry Miyanaga.
Danny, Sonny and Terry Miyanaga at the ready for Madoka

By Kobeni Yonomori
The Daily Magi
October 14, 2065

Two new players that will be aiming for greatness next year as members of Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi are middle linebacker Danny Kotarou Miyanaga and right outside linebacker Sonny Shintarou Miyanaga, the grandsons of legendary mahjong ace Saki Miyana. Combined with cousin Teruo "Terry" Miyanaga, the grandson of Saki's older sister Teru, they are ready to bring more glory to the Miyanaga name as members of the Magi.

"Our skill will blow your mind. Literally," said Danny. "Sonny is known at MiTSS as 'Sonny Jim' while I'm known as 'Danny Boy' and we call Terry 'The Tornado' after the hand that his grandmother has. I hit people really hard but I hit people so hard on the field that after the game, I kinda get lost, not knowing where I am, just like my grandma Saki. It's common among us Miyanaga boys to have to ask for directions because we're so focused on one thing and we forget the rest. It's just part of our mystique, you know?"


"Danny, Terry and I decided we wanted to visit Mitakihara University on their Homecoming because we wanted some change of pace," Sonny said. "I'd heard about the university from our dad, Grandma Saki and Grandma Nodoka but we didn't think too much about it until we stepped on campus. We realized, this place is like heaven. Really picturesque campus, with beautiful statues, a student union building that is the cutest building in the history of mankind, a garden with a teahouse, a cathedral with a chapel, lots of administration and educational buildings, and a lot of athletic facilities.

"I walked on the playing surface of Kaname Field, which used to be where the football team played, but now it's used by the club sports department and the sprint football team and my high school. I visited the museums with Danny and Terry and I was impressed by the collection of momentos counting down to the Canadian Bicentennial. Finally, after being feted by some hot women on campus, we watched the game that Saturday, and we knew we were sold."

"I had to be at this university," Terry said. "My grandmother Teru, who is now on good terms with his sister and my aunt, told me, 'Live your life, make a choice, and make it a good one.' I never forgot those words when I made my campus visit. I watched how their quarterback [Haruki Takayama], who they call Trick, called plays, ran the offense, and made audibles off the defense. Trick took down Notre Dame like they were a Division III school like Mount Union.

"After the game, I chatted with Trick about how he did this, and I knew that I was going to commit to the Magi. I told Coach Kaname, 'We're joining you. All three of us. We'll do our best.' Coach Kaname and his assistant, Ms. Seara August, do a wonderful job at convincing people that this is the place to be somebody and succeed.

"I don't think any of us will have any regrets about the school we have chosen. This is where championship dreams get realized. Mitakihara never lost its magic then, and when we join the team, we'll make sure to keep the magic going, and keep the fires burning. That's what we were born to do."


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