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Dee Dee Sonoda: a true hardcore Ramones fan


Dee Dee Sonoda: a true hardcore Ramones fan

By Kotone Noda
The Daily Magi
December 3, 2064

Rina Sakai, the biological mother of Mitakihara Magi wide receiver Dee Dee Sonoda, is a fan of the Ramones. She gave her entire collections of albums, videos and memorabilia to her son, which he now has in his room. Sonoda, whose real first name is Daiki, was nicknamed Dee Dee for his initials, which stand for Daiki Deshou. Coincidentally, bassist Dee Dee Ramone, who passed away decades ago due to a drug overdose, became Dee Dee Sonoda's favorite musician.

Sonoda doesn't believe in taking drugs or using them or thinking about them. He does believe in playing music as well as football. Dee Dee owns a bass, a Fender Musicmaster, one of the few basses that Dee Dee Ramone used to play as a member of the Ramones before he was kicked out and replaced with C.J. Ramone due to drug issues. A skilled bassist, Dee Dee Sonoda often played the riffs of his idol while playing the songs. They scared his mother Mitsuki and his aunt Yuu to no end.

"The Ramones are a fun band, I don't know why they are scared of these now-dead guys from Queens, New York," Sonoda said, cleaning his Musicmaster at his dorm. "It must be coincidence that I am a fan of Dee Dee Ramone and him counting out the into. But Mama Mitsuki, one time, she heads to my bedroom—and this was when I was still at MiTSS—she goes over and says, 'For Yuri's sake, stop playing Blitzkrieg Bop! That scares the living daylights out of me. Later that day, after I head off from school, I play on my iPad, "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment,' and Aunt Yuu was in tears.

"Dee Dee, please don't play that music! It's too scary for me!" - Yuu Sonoda

"Aunt Yuu was crying, she was like, 'Dee Dee, please don't play that music! It's too scary for me!' I pumpt it up louder, and with witch's shriek, she turns to stone. It took one kiss from Aunt Haruka minutes later, in her secretary outfit to bring her back to normal. I like Aunt Haruka. She's, like, the only one among our parents that likes the Ramones along with Mama Rina.

"Mou, Haruka! 
Why does my son have to keep listening to the Ramones?
I hate their music!"
 -Mitsuki Sonoda

"I'd love to join a rock band, but the afterparties, the drugs, the crazy nightclub scene and fights is just...something that prevents me from taking that career seriously. I'd rather be a football player and make catches on Saturdays and then, later on, Sundays. I was the leading receiver on my team in my third year at MitSS with 106 catches for 1678 yards and 36 touchdowns. Josh [Yoshioka], who is also a Ramones fan but prefers the Clash, he finished a distant second but had more blocks that me.

"Eventually, I think Mama Mitsuki and Aunt Yuu will warm up to the Ramones. They'll like the music and they may even consummate with their spouses to it. I would imagine so. They haven't hit menopause yet and won't until we get our diplomas, so...they have time."

Dee Dee Sonoda was kind enough to share his top 10 Ramones songs. This is the list, in no particular order, along with Dee Dee's thoughts.

1. Blitzkrieg Bop
They play this at Magi baseball games at Historic Kawashima Stadium, along with a few others. But this is the Ramones' de facto anthem, if there ever was one. Well, they have another, called 'R-A-M-O-N-E-S," which is their official anthem/chant/fight song, but we all know better.

2. I Wanna Be Sedated
Catchy, energetic beat and riff, and surreal lyrics to go with it. A gem and a must-listen.

3. Bonzo Goes To Bitburg
Oh Reagan! You are mayhem! Well, I'm Canadian, so while they had Reagan, we Canadians had Brian Mulroney. Well, both of them sucked, but we had the lesser of two evils. This song was great, though.

4. Something to Believe In
This song is another gem that I liked. It really evokes the feeling of my alma mater, somehow. I get wings to fly, listening to this song.

5. Pet Semetary
Another good listen. It's nice to see the Ramones play longer tracks because it proves that they are a complete rock band that can hold their own.

6. Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment
I play this song to tease Aunt Yuu at times. It's golden to see the reaction on her face because she knows shock treatment is not something she'd want. I wouldn't it to happen to her either. But I kinda mess around with her playfully with this gem.

7. Rockaway Beach
Anecdotal songs are always great if they are infectious, and this song about a oceanside place in New York hits all the right points.

8. Teenage Lobotomy
The "Lobotomy! Lobotomy!" chants are classic and drive the hooks of the song. Really well thought-out song/

9. Sheena Is A Punk Rocker
Yes, the Ramones do doo-wop too. This is a nice song for the drive-in or the radio. Must-listen.

10. Beat On The Brat
Good songs don't need complicated chords and this song is something I can even play with a regular acoustic guitar. I prefer to go nuts with this on my Musicmaster, though.

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