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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: October 27, 2064

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: October 27, 2064

By Kotone Noda
The Daily Magi
October 28, 2064

Yesterday, after a long day practicing at Hakurei Center, Mitakihara Magi quarterback Haruki Takayama was bushed. Literally. He was exhausted and needed to take a power nap. The good news was that there were no classes to attend to on Monday. It was just practice and studying the materials provided by his professors. He hit the sack, dressed in a simple pink T-shirt and white shorts, snoozing.

An hour later, his fiancee, Marie Ikeno, arrived at his dorm room. "Haruki?"
"Hmmm? Oh, it's you, Marie. What's up?"
"I've been wondering, where the hell you've been? I haven't seen you on campus. You look a bit tired," she said, undressing and putting on a simple pink top over her white lace underwear before tucking into bed with him. Marie ran a hand through his hair. "What happened?"
"Practice, babe," he said, as the two of them exchanged a kiss. "I work real hard to make everyone feel good. My moms told me after the game against Michigan that I played like a king in the rain."
"Football is surely a game played in the rain, you know?" Marie said, wrapping a leg around his muscular thighs. "It's made to play in the elements."
"Because I'm a starter, I need to really work on my throwing because I didn't look too good out there. I only threw one touchdown and I had a couple of picks, too. That's a humbling experience for me. So I don't understand why Mama Haruka called me a king out there."
"You don't?"
"I felt more like a pauper." Marie laughed before giving Haruki a light snap in the ass. "Oh baby, you know I meant it, though."
"You know, you don't need to sell yourself short. You've had a great season so far, everybody is doing their job, you don't have to sweat the small stuff. If you have to let the others shoulder the load, let them. Teamwork, right?"
"Yeah, Marie, you got that right."
"Speaking of which," Marie said as the two of them kissed, "I wanted to ask you a question about your mother Haruka."
"What do you wanna know?" he whispered.
"I need to know if she was cheerleader back when she was a student."
"You're just asking me this now?"
"I wanted to ask for years, but I never got the courage to do so. Was your mother, or should I say, designated 'father' a cheerleader back then?"
"Mother is fine. Let me show you something." Haruki got out of bed and pulled out a photo album of him and his parents before heading back to bed to snuggle with Marie.


"This is a picture of Mama Haruka when she was a student at this school," Haruki said.
"Whoa...that's...that's the alternate cheer uniform of the Madoka Cheergirls!"
"Mama Haruka was a cheerleader all four years as a student. She went to a lot of football games, basketball games, ice hockey games...she was busy firing up the fans. And she was captain of the cheer team in her fourth year. All the boys wanted to be with her, but she was a lesbian so it was impossible for them to win her hand."
"Why would they even try?"
"Beats me, but she was one of the finest cheerleaders the university ever had." Haruki also showed a photo of her posing next to a wall of Canada's national hockey team back in 2014 at the Mitakihara Town Sports Club, when the Cheergirls were doing a promotional event.
"Your mother...she is everywhere!" Marie.
"Even has the pose down pat. But she loved to support the Magi and Puella Magi and when I told her last year that I was committing to this school, it felt like a huge weight was off her shoulders. She never felt so happy in her life; she felt 20 years younger."
"I see. Haruki?"
"Do I remind you of Mama Yuu?"
Haruki fondled her cleavage, licking his lips which formed a sideways number three. And then he wrapped his arms around her, his hands caressing her hips and ass. "The twintails, the daisies on your hair...the demeanor you have when I lust for you too much...the curves of your body, yeah, I'd have to say you are a younger version of Mama Yuu. No pun intended babe."
"Ease up on overexerting yourself," Marie whispered. A kiss. And another. "Maybe I can give you the energy you need to take in to those seamen from Annapolis."
"Seaman or semen?"
Marie had seen enough of these sweet-talking puns. She was in heat. And she wanted him. "Mou!" The two of them kiss and consummated, making love, delighting in sweet, fragrant foreplay for a couple of hours before they melted into each other's dreams, with nothing on and nothing to lose.

Well. This was sure to be one interesting week against the Midshipmen. But now the question was...would it rain?

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