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"Go Man Go" commits to Mitakihara Magi


Hana Oshiroi, the mother of Mitakihara Magi recruit Joe Sato.

"Go Man Go" commits to Mitakihara Magi

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
October 5, 2066

In 2067, expect the chants of "Go Man Go! Go Man Go! Go Man Go!" to reverberate across the Sakura Bowl. That's because this is the nickname of fullback Joe Sato, the son of Mitakihara Universsity graduates You Sato '46 and Hana Oshiroi '46. Sato has committed to the Mitakihara Magi after Homecoming Week 2066, and joins a star-studded lineup of recruits which include defensive ends Dev "The Car" Acura and Rex "The King" Hasegawa; defensive tackles Ron "The Rambler" Hase and Lex "The Law" Hasegawa, tight end Flynn "Like In" Sota, halfback Quentin Banks and athlete Matt "Matchbox" Phillips.

"When I found out that my son is going to be a Magi on Sunday, I was, as you can imagine, relieved and then ecstatic," said Oshiroi via phone interview. "I gave Joey a nice hug because I knew once he came back from a rather rainy game against Florida State, he had a really big smile of his face.

"He just told me on Sunday, though, that he was going to commit to Coach Kaname, who is a wonderful gentleman and a really wise person that demands a lot of out his players. He didn't get a lot of playing time for MitSS because of Glenn [Miketsukami] but once he chose the Magi, it was fine that he didn't get as much playing time because he will get more next year with Madoka.

"I'm not too keen on the Magi's choice of uniforms but I understand that this was founded by Dr. Madoka Kaname, who I have met at a few conference involving the importance of teachers, since I'm a history teacher at Nanaimo Secondary. She's very sociable, knows a lot about this country, and has been to every place in town. They all know her and they have a good opinion of her and her institution.

"I want Joe to enjoy his time playing for the Magi, but most importantly, I want him to be successful as a student. He told me that he wants to major in Social Inequalities at Madoka, and that he wants to be a researcher when he's done playing football. I have a feeling that he ultimately want to earn a Ph.D., which is going to take a lot of elbow grease. I think he will flourish in Coach Kaname's offense, because the Magi love to run the option and that's where the chanting will be done.

"If you don't know who my son is by now...you'd better ask somebody."


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