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"Haruki was robbed of his Heisman": Okuno

"Haruki was robbed of his Heisman": Okuno

By Kobeni Yonomori
The Daily Magi
December 23, 2065

With the bowl season already in full swing, Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi left for Southern California early to prepare for their BCS National Championship Game against the Texas Longhorns, coached by Coach Kaname's son Akiyuki. However, there is one little problem. Okay, a big problem.

There are a number of people in the camp who believe that quarterback Haruki Takayama was robbed of his second Heisman Trophy by North Carolina gunslinger Greg Davis. Davis passed for 4265 yards, ran for 903 yards and scored 52 total touchdowns. In comparison, Takayama passed for 3531 yards, ran for 1617 yards and scored 57 total touchdowns. Trick scored more touchdowns, but GD, as he is known at North Carolina, won the Heisman based on total offensive yards. At least, that is what the press are arguing.

One of those players unsatisfied with the result: halfback Bruno Okuno. Okuno ran for 1687 yards and 28 touchdowns while catching 29 passes for 364 yards and two more scores. Okuno finished third in the Heisman voting.

"The media members got it all wrong," said Okuno. "Haruki was robbed of his Heisman. No way does someone who lost their conference championship game end up winning the Heisman Trophy. First off, because the Heels lost, that means we can't get back at them in the national championship game and second, it takes the shine off what has been a solid year for Trick. I don't understand the reasoning behind their vote.

"I mean, Greg ends up winning the piece of crap by a landslide. It wasn't even close. The second place votes were split between me and Trick as well as the third-place votes. I'm fine finishing runner-up to Trick in the voting, but to be third place and let this nobody run away with the Heisman Trophy? What an absolute clusterfuck, you know? I don't know who North Carolina is facing in their bowl game, but I hope they get hammered after that.

"As for us, Haruki is going to show everyone on Jan. 6 why he deserved to win the Heisman. He's gonna have a great day running the option against another team that loves to run the option, mainly because Coach's Kaname's son's the boss down there. Again, the media got this wrong and I expect that Trick's gonna make you sportswriters pay for this nonsense."

As for Takayama? Nah, he's not bothered by it.

"It's not just us that's good," said Takayama. "There's so many good teams out there, it's not just us. So credit to North Carolina for having a great season and having a fantastic fifth-year senior winning it all. If I'm going to finish runner-up, it's to someone who will be playing his last game for his team in a few days. As for me, I got a long ways yet to go."

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