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"I know Daiki will bounce back": Renge Komadori


"I know Daiki will bounce back": Renge Komadori

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
September 14, 2066

Despite Mitakihara wide receiver Dee Dee Sonoda sidelined for a time with a strained back, his wife, Renge Komadori, has been pulling for him to go on the rebound with a vengeance. Often Komadori, a junior liberal arts major, sees Dee Dee, who she calls by his real name of Daiki, at the weight room of Hakurei Centre, lifting weights and having his back conditioned to form. After weight training, Komadori offers her own moral support...intimacy.

"I want Daiki to get better because he needs to be back with his mates," said Renge, who is expecting their first set of twins in December. "I wonder why he had to be walked off the field [against Miami]. It didn't look really good. I talked to Daiki about it when he returned to campus. He told me three weeks.

"I breathed a sigh of relief. I thought it was going to be worse. Just three weeks of rest and classes and he would be back in the lineup. But I needed to be really sure that he was going to be ready to get on to the field and make catches. Every now and then, when I have time off, I see him on the practice field at Hakurei, catching passes while training with the sprint football team, getting his legs in shape and all that.

"Daiki's really committed to the game. He introduced the Ramones to me and I started to like their music. I especially like the song 'I Wanna Be Sedated.' It's something I like to dance in my underwear to. Oh my, I can't believe I just said that. Their music is really fun to listen to, the Ramones. His mother Rina likes the band, too. I was surprised when I saw the entire collection of Ramones stuff that was out there. I couldn't believe it.

"I love Daiki's style. He's such a charismatic gentleman and isn't afraid to take risks. I like to see that in a husband. The day will come when I have to follow him to wherever the pros follow him to. I think he will be a star at the next level. But I want him to be healthy and succeed in the classroom. I'm making the grade, but he isn't yet, so I need to help him the best that I can. I know Daiki will bounce back. I know he will."

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