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"I look up to Trick as a mentor": Joe Sato

Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda, the parents of Haruki Takayama.

"I look up to Trick as a mentor": Joe Sato

By Kate Hoshimiya
The Daily Magi
September 1, 2067

Mitakihara Magi fullback Joe Sato, known to all as "Go Man Go," is a fine example of a leader-in-the-making. Standing at a tall 6'0", 230 lbs, Sato look up to the seniors for guidance. There is one person, among the seniors, that Sator admires the most, and it's not offensive captain Dee Dee Sonoda. It's the quarterback.

"Trick [Haruki Takayama] is a player I had heard about when I first played for the Mitakihara [Secondary School] Angels," said Sato. "I heard that he was making a name for himself at Mitakihara University, so I wanted to make a priority to follow him and learn from him so I can be a better football player.

"What I like about Trick are his parents. They are gorgeous MILFs, and I can't believe how lucky he is to have those types of parents like that. Even while they're in their 40's, they like to consummate with each other. It's something else. Aside from their fondness for each other, they're good parents and great people.

"The thing I like about Mitakihara, aside from players I can look up to, is the fans. They are the most rabis college sports fans out there because they are accustomed to winning. When they do that chant of "Go Man Go," I get a rush of energy because I know I will be making a big play. I already have three rushing touchdowns and I am looking to gain a few more as this season goes along. I look forward to heading to Los Angeles this week and heading to the Rose Bowl to take it to UCLA. I want to give those fans something to think about." 

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