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"I made the right decision for my family after all": Shiroyuki Kaname


"I made the right decision for my family after all": Shiroyuki Kaname

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
October 19, 2066

When Mitakihara Town Secondary School strong safety Shiroyuki Kaname, the youngest member of the Kaname family, the founders of Mitakihara University, committed to the Maki after Week 7 of the 2066 college football season, it was as if a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders. No other school stood a chance to secure Kaname's rights, the closest being Brigham Young. After Homecoming 2066, young Shiroyuki went to the UCLA game as a fan to convince himself that being a Magi was the right option, and the only option.

"I made the right decision for my family after all," said Shiroyuki, who lives in an apartment with his godparent, Chiwa Harusaki, the wife of Texas head coach Akiyuki Kaname, and his cousin, Ikaruga Saito, the daughter of Mitakihara University Chancellor Honoka Kaname. "I talked with Ika about what it meant to be a part of the magic at Madoka, and it took a visit by my mother, Dr. Kaname, a day after the UCLA game, for me to finally say that this is where I will be playing.

"I told my dad, who is coach, 'I'm playing for you, Dad, and that's that.' He told me, 'Make sure you visit the campus often and check on what you need to do to be transitioned into life here. It's not gonna be easy, because we're gonna demand a lot from you starting next summer. I have you penciled in as the successor to Frenzy [Mike Frenzel] so step your game up right now and keep your eyes on the prize. Understand?'

"I said, 'Yes, sir!' And then he said, 'You are the last football player from our family, unless Stuart's kids grow up to follow our lead down the road, so you have a huge reputation to maintain. You are also an extension of my sister, who gave a miracle birth to you many years ago. Her divine presence and legacy is in your blood. I promise, you, Shiro, you will win four national championships, so long as you commit the time and effort to making it a reality.' 'Yes, sir!' I said. Then he said, 'Okay, see you later, son.' Then he hung up.

"I would like to think that it's strange that my two parents are actually sibling of each other. But I never had any issues regarding my health or well-being. Because of that, I was really athletic and I played rugby union to go with American football. Ultimately I chose the latter because of the possibility of big bucks at the next level. Besides, playing for a team in the Aviva Premiership is not really my cup of tea.

"I don't need to be burdened by my role as the last son of the founder of the University. I want to emerge from the shadows of my family and be myself. I bring passion, consistent play, clean tackling, excellent awareness and agility...I'm a strong safety with the gift, according to many people, but I'm also one that likes to fine-tune it.

"I like being a student of the game and playing the game with honor, dignity and character. I know this team likes to run it up on opponents, but it's not out of malice of spite, but out of superior ability and skill. The world's best student-athletes play at Madoka, and I get wings of pride when I realize that I will be part of this great football team's history starting next year."

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