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"It Must Be Christmas All Over Again": Haruki Takayama

"You're gonna win the Heisman.
Don't worry about a thing, Haruki.
It's all taken care of."

- Haruka Takayama to her son Haruki hours before he won the Heisman Trophy

"It Must Be Christmas All Over Again": Haruki Takayama

By Kotone Noda
The Daily Magi
December 25, 2064

The Mitakihara Magi Football Team, under the tutelage of Tatsuya Kaname, is currently setting up camp far away from Miami-Dade County. They are based in Riviera Beach, in Palm Beach County, practicing at Suncoast Community High School. The local students were treated to some open practices and even received autographs from some of the players.

One of those players was quarterback Haruki Takayama, who was the runaway winner of the 2064 Heisman Trophy. The freshman from M-Town that his esteemed peers call "Sakura Trick" was all smiles when asked of his winning of college football's most prestigious individual prize.

"I have to say, it must be Christmas all over again, even though it is right now," said Takayama at his hotel room at the Hilton Singer Island. "I didn't expect to win the Heisman Trophy. But a funny story happened when I was on the plane to New York. Mama Haruka was calling me as I got off the plane and she told me that my grandma was calling for me to win the Heisman. So Mama Haruka tells me, 'You're gonna win the Heisman, young man. Don't worry about a thing, Haruki. It's all taken care of. Just get a speech ready, and congratulations.'

"So several hours later, when I heard my name being called after answering some questions about my playmaking ability and the numbers I put up by ESPN's world-famed personalities, I had my speech ready, and I told the people at the Downtown Athletic Club this.

"It must feel like Christmas all over again because this is a joy to have. You know, I earned the right to be up there with Magi players like me who have won the Heisman Trophy and this is dedicated to everyone back home who made it possible: my parents, my fiancee Marie, my teammates and the members of my class, the legendary Coach Kaname, Coach Ryuta, Coach Mako and all the other coaches, my classmates, our loyal fans, and the faculty, staff and administration who work tirelessly to help us succeed as model student athletes. To the entire Mitakihara Family, this Heisman is for you. Treasure it. Thank you. You Are Not Alone!

"That's what I said to the people there. After the taping by ESPN and TSN, I called Mama Haruka. She was sleeping next to Mama Yuu, and she was tired. I said, 'Mama Haruka, I did it! You were right.' She was crying tears of joy. 'I knew you could do it!' cried Mama Haruka. Actually, Aunt Mitsuki and Aunt Rina were there, too. They were celebrating with some champagne, salmon and truffles. Apparently, Mama Haruka was drunk on champagne and love.

"Even in their 40's, Mama Haruka and Mama Yuu are full of virility. What I do on the field and off the field reflects on them. So now they can tell everyone that their son won the Heisman and is making the grade in the classroom, and hopefully I can defend the Pentagram too and win another national title for my team because I want to do it. It's my job, you know? So I'll be ready."


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