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"It's good to be a captain's wife": Renge Komadori

"It's good to be a captain's wife": Renge Komadori

By Kate Hoshimiya
The Daily Magi
September 6, 2067

The Daily Magi's Kate Hoshimiya sat down with Renge Komadori, the wife of Mitakihara Magi wide receiver Dee Dee Sonoda, who is this year's captain on offense. Along the way, there were some very candid answers that came about regarding one of the most influential leaders on offense.

Kate: You heard from Dee Dee's teammates that your husband was named the captain of the Magi football team. What were your thoughts?

Renge: First, it was one of surprise because I thought Trick [Haruki Takayama] was going to be named captain of the team. I think it surprised Daiki himself. Afterwards, it was a feeling of contentment, because for me, it's good to be a captain's wife. It's something that you don't normally get, so it's a nice feeling.

Kate: We all know how much Dee Dee is a fan of the Ramones, but does he also like Canadian music?

Renge: Oh yeah, he is a fan of Bryan Adams, Barenaked Ladies and Bachman Turner Overdrive. He also likes local bands here like Kaname Hall, Kazero Wingman and OWeTriP West. He's also into JPop and JRock.

Kate: Does Dee Dee prefer to be a receiver or a blocker?

Renge: What he's told me is that in his offense, he gets to do a little of both. Most of the time, he's a blocker but on occasions, he catches the ball. Daiki's got really good hands and has the stride of a gazelle.

Kate: Has he improved on his speed, vertical, bench press and squat?

Renge: Last week, a few pro scouts did pay him a visit at Hakurei Centre, and based on what he told me, Daiki runs a 4.0 40, has a vertical leap of 91", bench presses 300 kg and squats 350 kg. Strength, by Daiki's standards, is average but he makes up for it with really good speed.

Kate: What about his leadership?

Renge: Daiki believes that actions speak louder than words, and when the team listens to what he has to say and carries out what he tells them to do, everyone benefits. He gives orders, but he also listens to the team and defers overall decisions to the team so that everyone agrees on the next steps.

Kate: How is he going with his kinesiology degree?

Renge: Finishing up this semester with an 93 percent grade, which is an A. Same with me, except I am a liberal studies major.

Kate: When Dee Dee is tired after a long day practicing or a road trip, how do you manage?

Renge: He washes up, we have lunch or dinner and we talk about what the team is doing and what's gonna happen next. We also talk about school and the many things we can do here in Mitakihara. Sometimes I ask about any issues regarding the team and how they were able to get it done.

Kate: Is he good in bed?

Renge: Oh yes. I make him real good in bed. I don't want to give away too much's kinda private stuff... *blushes*

Kate: All right. Moving right along, what about the team? Who do you think's gonna have a big year.

Renge: The new fullback, Joe Sato. He's had a great start to his career, as is Haku [Ichijou]. I thought Coach Kaname was going to lose him to Missouri, but they got him. And he's delivering. I want Haruki to get the Heisman, but Jansen [Onjouji] surprised a lot of people with what he's done.

Kate: How did you celebrate the Canadian Bicentennial?

Renge: I watched the fireworks with Daiki then we ate at A&W. I never had a Teen Burger until then, but the first time I ate it...I fell in love with it. It's a classic. I can see why it's a best-seller among the Burger Family members. It's what a hamburger is supposed to be.

Kate: What do you think of Canada turning 200 years old?

Renge: It's a great moment in this nation's history, and I think the whole world needs to salute this nation for being awesome in its own right. There's so many great things about Canada that countless books, poems, songs, art and other things have been done to celebrate it. Canada's story is part of the world's story and I think our world needs to salute Canada for being the beautiful country that it is, from sea to sea.

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