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Kent Nanase hopeful for glory days with Madoka


Kent Nanase hopeful for glory days with Madoka

By Kobeni Yonomori
The Daily Magi
October 15, 2065

Unlike many local football players that play for Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi, right end Kent Satoshi Nanase hails from a different school in the city, the Nanaimo District Secondary School, and the Nanaimo Islanders. Nanase, along with center Arturs Virsaladze, are the first two Madoka commits to hail from Nanaimo Secondary. He is the son of two Madoka alums, Takeshi Nanase and Mui Aiba. Mui, in particular knew that Kent was destined her and her husband to Mitakihara University.

"When I first gave birth to Kent, I knew he was going to be a part of the Mitakihara Family," Aiba said in a phone interview for the Daily Magi. "There was no doubt in my mind. At the age of 10, I told my son, one day, you will be heading to that university, and see all those people, all those fans, it will be Homecoming Week, and once the game is over, you know that this will be your alma mater. I told him that, and he ended up listening to me after all. I'm proud of him."

As a member of the Islanders, Nanase set a new school record for most sacks in a season with 34.0 and tackles with 96.5. He was named to the BC High School Football Association AAA first team as a defensive end in his first two years at Nanaimo Secondary. Nicknamed the White Knight for his well-chiseled frame and steely eyes of intention, Nanase's agility and acceleration made him a prime target for Mitakihara and their Morning Rescue defense.

"My mom must be some sort of psychic or something because seven years after she told me what was going to happen, I decide to visit Mitakihara University for the first time on Homecoming Week against Notre Dame," Nanase said via phone interview. "Those linemen are fast. They're like runaway freight trains that can decleat quarterbacks at will. One hit. Another hit. Another hit. It's grinding at its finest.

"When I watched the game with the other recruits, everyone except for Steve knew they were witnessing the next team they were playing for. I needed to be part of this. I wanted to experience the glory days that I couldn't get at Nanaimo because MitSS just has better players all around and has been the flagship secondary school of the city for decades.

"After the game, I told Coach Kaname I'm joining his team and then he gives me this big enveloped filled with a catalog and admissions information regarding the process, what classes I needed to complete, what exam scores were required, and also some clearinghouse information from the NCAA. For me, the real work begins. I have to finish out my season and then I have to deal with all this red tape so that I am ready to get going next summer at the university.

"I bring a lot of speed and power, I can hit quarterbacks hard and I like to stop the ground game. The reason why the Islanders had a top 10 run defense in our division was because I stopped running backs from gaining yardage. I can anticipate the tendencies and I am usually two or three steps ahead of what the opposing quarterback is thinking and/or where the halfback or fullback decides to go.

"My football IQ and my natural ability, I think, will help the Magi win a few more national championships. I look forward to testing my skills against the best teams in America because Madoka always believes in playing against the best. If I decided I didn't want to be part of the magic, my parents would disown me right on the spot!"

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