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Magia Day 2064 says adieu to the fourth-years


Magia Day 2064 says adieu to the fourth-years

By Kotone Noda
The Daily Magi
November 10, 2064

This year's Magia Day salutes the wonderful student athletes of the Mitakihara University Class of 2065. A number of those fourth-year, or senior, student-athletes are Tatsuya Kaname's Magi football team. Richard "Ritchie" Aquino, a strong safety, is the defensive captain for the 2064 edition of the football team and was very reflective of his time at Madoka.

"I love this university because it grows on you and it wants to grow on you," Aquino said in an interview at Your Silver Garden, part of the Madoka Gardens. "I've met many great professors who have studied at the biggest institutions in Europe, at McGill, Toronto, Laval, the Ivy League schools...there's even a calculus professor, Dr. Eileen Reyes-Bonifacio, who earned her Master's Degree at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila. She's the one professor I now have a strong relationaship with and she is on my resume as someone who will recommend me for a job.

"So here at Mitakihara, you work with some of the finest professors and business professionals who offer great networking opportunities for those who want to dive into the workplace, but for me, I'm a professional athlete and I have dreams of being a regular on Sundays. I want to force turnovers, make tackles, bat down passes...essentially do what I do here over there at the next level.

"What I really am planning for is a life outside of football. I plan to return to the Philippines, study law, and then work as a politician and follow in the trails of my great-greatuncle Benigno Aquino III, who was a President of the Phillippines decades ago. To be a professional football player, and then a politician and a president will take time and effort, but I really believe I can do it.

"That's what my professors are telling me every time. If you can work hard and focus and get everything your need to be right exactly right, you will win on the field, you will win in the classroom, you will win in the board room, you will win in sports, and you will win in life. And everyone will help you because that's part of the university motto, 'You Are Not Alone.' I can't be any more prouder to be a Mitakihara Magi, and as a captain, I'm going to do all I can to help my friends make it across the finish line. Mitakihara, ito ay para sa iyo. Ready na kami!"

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