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Magia Day 2065 a treat for Cole Jordan


Magia Day 2065 a treat for Cole Jordan

By Kobeni Yonomori
The Daily Magi
November 11, 2065

Cole Jordan is not your average Hawaiian. The 6'3", 283 lb senior right end from Waipio is the son of a U.S. Navy officer and an Australian supermodel, Felicity Patton, the granddaughter of Greater Western Sydney legend Jonathan Patton. Recruited by Notre Dame, Miami, USC and Minnesota, Jordan ended up signing with Mitakihara and graduated in 2064 with a degree in oceanography. Now he gets a chance to leave an impression one more time: on Magia Day 2065 against the UNLV Rebels, honouring the Class of 2066.

"I could have left early to join the pros, but I wanted to spend one more season with the boys so that I could win one more national championship," Jordan said. "I did what was expected of me: I attended class, I attended practice, I got playing time when the people ahead of me got hurt or tired, and I didn't complain about anything. I did what I was supposed to do as a student and as an athlete and made the most of what was given to me.

"When I was named captain at the beginning of the season, at first I didn't want the leadership position because I saw myself as a follower. But my teammates noticed that I have been leading by example and they wanted me to try it out, at least for a little bit. I ended up relishing my role as the captain and helped motivate the younger players to know their role on the team.

"Coach Kaname always told me that having confidence in your teammates is what defines leaders from the pack. If you can entrust the team to have confidence in themselves to do what they can do to help everyone, you have unlocked the true power of leadership: to encourage your team to pick itself up and carry itself across the finish line.

"I've enjoyed nearly five seasons playing with the best football players ever to play the game. So I want to take this opportunity to lead the boys to the promised land one more time. That's my job as the captain of my defense, after all."

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