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Magia Day 2066 honors the seniors one last time


Magia Day 2066 honors the seniors one last time

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
November 10, 2066

This week, the Mitakihara Magi football team takes on the Missouri Tigers in Magia Day 2066, honoring the Class of 2067. One of those seniors that will be making their final curtain call at the Sakura Bowl in Mitakihara Town, B.C. is Takuto Itsuka, a kinesiology major who will be graduating with a letter grade of A (94 percent). Itsuka is the defensive captain of the Magi and has been a stallion on defense for Madoka.

"I will definitely miss this university," said Itsuka at an interview inside Your Silver Garden. "There is something about this place that is unique. It's got the right blend of people, students, atmosphere and competitive spirit that you just can't find anywhere else.

"When I first committed to Mitakihara, I understood that this was going to be difficult the first year in adjusting to university life. But as soon as I got my feet wet, it got really easy and now I have flourished on defense as a linebacker. Coach [Jeff] Nakazawa has been teaching me the importance of good tackling, good mechanics and consistent discipline throughout my career.

"My brothers-in-law, Shintarou and Dakota [Okabe] have been my strongest allies in helping hit the message home: win big, and win at all costs. There is no doubt that playing with urgency for all 60 minutes has made this game really fun for us. The hard part, in fact, is the classes, the exams, the projects and term papers. That's the work that really gets to us. But the football is the easy part because we know how to do it right.

"When this season is over, I expect to be a first round selection in the 2067 NFL Draft. That's going to be something special: to have your name called on draft day. It's a feeling unlike any other, and I just hope I have a great career playing professionally. Otherwise, I will put my kinesiology degree to good use."

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