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The Mystique of Pickle Barrel


The Mystique of Pickle Barrel

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
December 7, 2066

Founded in 1971, Pickle Barrel is a chain of 20 Canadian restaurants located in the Greater Toronto Area. During the early 2000s Pickle Barrel changed its image, with a more upscale, trendy look, though restaurants made before this still sport signature photos, each location having different themes. Though still being seen as a family restaurant, since the updated look the restaurant has a more formal atmosphere with the same reasonable prices.

The menu has a wide variety covering most types of regional fare, as well as multicultural menus. Pickle Barrel also has catering, and two of their restaurants have banquet halls, Leslie Street and Markville Shopping Centre. Recently in 2063, Pickle Barrel hired Jack Daniels of Daniel and Meerson Catering and consultant for Glow Fresh Grill & Wine Bar (owned by the Pickle Barrel) to assist in the creation of new upscale and nutrition conscious menus.

The Pickle Barrel has 20 locations including some called "Pickle Barrel Grand". These "Pickle Barrel Grands" can be found at Yorkdale Shopping Centre, the intersection of Yonge and Dundas Streets, at Sherway Gardens Mall, Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre, Bramalea City Centre, and Newmarket. Most Pickle Barrels are located in malls while a few are not. For example; The Pickle Barrel Deli located at 5941 Leslie Street in North York.

The company's partners include Pinty's Delicious Foods, H. J. Heinz of Canada Ltd., Profile Wine Group, Bacardi, Highliner, La Rocca Creative Cakes, Corby Distilleries Ltd., Mixology Canada Inc., Bunzl Canada, Toppers, Gambles Ontario Produce, Sleeman Breweries Ltd., Labatt Breweries of Canada, Sysco, McWilliam's Wines, and Oasis.

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