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"This is the Year of the Supersonic Salvation": Homura Akemi


"This is the Year of the Supersonic Salvation": Homura Akemi

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
July 1, 2066

The final countdown to the Canadian Bicentennial has officially begun at midnight last night in the Maritimes and Newfoundland. Former Mitakihara University Chancellor, Dr. Homura Akemi, was on hand at Sakura Bowl Stadium at Mitakihara Sports City in Mitakihara Town, B.C. to greet residents of the town in a rally supporting the nationwide Canadian Bicentennial Movement. Her speech culminated in one of the most boldest prophecies to ever be uttered.

"This is the Year of the Supersonic Salvation, 2066," said Dr. Akemi at the rally on Wednesday night. "In the upcoming college sports season, Mitakihara will win national championships in EVERY SPORT they take part in. I kid you not, this will happen. I talked to all the players of all the teams over the summer, had tea and biscuits with a few of the girls on the volleyball team. I told them, you will be part of something special. It's real, it's here.

"No team at Mitakihara will be denied their hardware this year. Up until now, there have been, on average a few teams unable to do the work and win the national championship or win the highest team honour possible that is not a national championship. But this year will be different that any other year we've had at this great university founded back in 2010. Everyone will finish on top. We have the athletes. We have the facilities. We have the recruiting. We have the finest support team in North America. Each and every one of our student is a high achiever and embraces the element of learning and leading by example.


"Once all our teams win national championships in their respective sports, we can indeed confirm that the power of the Supersonic Salvation emboldened our youth to perform at their very best. The Supersonic Salvation is a rush of energy, an indescribable feeling that you can never express in words. It's as if you wings to fly into the gates of eternity and arrive in endless bliss and ecstasy, knowing that you did what you needed to do to finish the job on top of those who dare stand in your way.

"The time has come for Canada to finally obliterate the United States in collegiate athletics. We are the greatest athletics program on the face of this continent and one of the best in the world. No one will stop the Magi and Puella Magi of Mitakihara. The power of the Supersonic Salvation will make this coming season the year of years. There will be nothing like this ever again. Enjoy this sports season, Mitakihara Town. This year belongs to you!"

However, not everyone was convinced. One of those people: Shizuku Minami, the current athletic director of Mitakihara University.

"With all due respect to Dr. Akemi and her influence on the foundation of this university I have to say that that is an unrealistic prophecy given how talented the overall collegiate athletic landscape is," said Minami at a press conference at Urobuchi Fieldhouse on the campus of Mitakihara University. "This isn't about us, this is about every team that plays in our division.

"Now, I am not saying that this won't happen; if it does happen, it will be a massive shot in the arm for this university and our sports team. What I am saying is that despite all the hype and excitement this year is going to bring, it's a prophecy we should not worry about. I will also say this: this prophecy that Dr. Akemi is saying is sure to bring people to the games on campus and have more people travel with the teams. That fan support, dare I say it, may be instrumental in possibly fulfilling that prophecy."

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