Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two scouts sent to check on East Carolina this week


Asa and Ara Okabe, the wives of Shintarou and Dakota Okabe, respectively.

Two scouts sent to check on East Carolina this week

By Inari Fushimi
The Daily Magi
November 24, 2066

Senior liberal arts majors Asa and Ara Okabe are sisters, and are the wives of Mitakihara Magi left end Shintarou Okabe and Magi right end Dakota Okabe, respectively. They have been assigned this week to scout the East Carolina Pirates as they host the Navy Midshipmen at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium in Greenville, N.C. East Carolina are currently 11-0 this season and are the strongest team in the American Athletic Conference, ranked No. 3 in the BCS rankings.

As part of the package, the Okabe sisters will be accompanied by university staff, complete with all-expenses paid flight, hotel stay and tutor.

"Dakota suggested I try taking a look at other teams but I wanted to ask Coach Kaname if Asa and I could scout someone this week, if only for the experience," said Ara, the former Arashio Miyakawa. "Coach told me that no one has signed up for a scouting mission, so Asa and I were in. I understand that this is something that generally happens at least one in November whenever there are other teams that are still unbeaten, so we're taking a look at a very good side."

"Scouting opponents is something that is very valuable in terms of strategy and figuring out who you're up against," Asa, the former Asashio Miyakawa, added. "I know that Texas A&M is currently unbeaten so far, and we might be facing them, but we could also be facing East Carolina, so it helps to look at teams that we may not expect to be our opponent. No disrespect to the Aggies, but on any given day, any top team could fall, so it helps to be watchful of the big picture."

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