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Nepgear "Nep" Acura, the wife of Mitakihara Magi DT Dev Acura.


By Dev Acura
Special to The Daily Magi
October 15, 2068

My name is Dev Acura, a defensive tackle for the Mitakihara Magi and coach Tatsuya Kaname. I have a confession to make. I have a wife who is a student here and is actually a classmate of mine and my partner in the dorms. Her name is Nep Acura. Nep is short for Nepgear. If you were to use Japanese naming conventions, she would be confused for the next great sports sedan for the bourgeoisie, the Acura Nepgear. Or, to put in smartass terms, the next melon-filled lemon for the working class.

Nep came into my life when I was beginning my third year of high school at Mitakihara Secondary. This new transfer student came into my homeroom, and she had her eyes of me from the beginning. Later on, I found out that she was moving in with me as a purported "cousin." One month later, I realized that she is a CPU from a planet called Neptunia, and that she literally mind-fucked everybody to get the notion that she had lived in M-Town all her life, when really, she had the blessing of her sister Neptune to move to Canada to learn more about life with humans as a human.

Nep is a computer science major, like me. She's not as sharp on math like I am, but she can hold her own and had a fetish for subjects regarding calculus. I found that to be interestingly weird: a hot chick for a wife that had a fetish for calculus! Normally that's reserved for nerds in the mold of the immortal Twilight Sparkle, but hey, this university is mostly composed of hipsters anyway. And I'm a hipster too, because having a boring wife is just too mainstream.

She gets really excited but she gets very naughty in bed. Not like in a dominatrix naughty like her good friend Noire Sota, a former denizen of this place called Lastation and a new resident of Canada, like Nep. Noire is also the wife of tight end Flynn Sota and is an astrophysics major. Nep is more of a innocent-looking playgirl type of wife when she's in bed. Like a Purple Sister, which is the name of her HDD form.

You see, when she is in her HDD form, Nep likes to dance with poles and engage in those adult acts when it's just me and her in the room. Last winter, I bought with my scholarship money a dance pole just to see how my lovely wife would do dancing with it. In her HDD form, Nep touches the pole, and, as if in a trance, she does all sorts of gymnastics and teases with it to the strains of an old Calvin Harris song called "Awooga," which the Mitakihara University Ultimate Pep Band covered. Or was that the Marching Ultimates? I forgot; it was one of the two. 

As the song ended, Nepgear noticed that my dick was harder than a rock. So she used the pole to gracefully fall onto the bed. She took a condom that was nearby, put it in her mouth, closed her eyes, and raised one in a wink while pointing to the condom while making a penetrating gesture.

I took the condom, flung it aside and undressed, saying, "I don't need this. You want to impress your sister? Become the best mother you can be." I slowly took of her boots, licking her thighs and legs in the process and then we shared a long kiss as I fondled her breasts, which had gotten massive. Soon enough, we were naked and I was grinding into her. Her snatch got a bit tight. I needed to up the ante, and I did. All that practice on the football team, all that weight-lifting, all that sacrifice and hard was all paying off as I drove it into her, making her scream my name, the tears of passion flowing out of her sweet blue eyes (which were normally purple but blue when she is excited and horny beyond belief). One massive rush and release later, and we both fell into a deep sleep, my face snuggled between her breasts like a pillow. I had made Nepgear my woman for life. And I had no regrets.

Three days later, I get news from Nep. She told me she was pregnant. I was surprised. I thought that being a CPU meant that she couldn't have children like a regular woman. But now I found out that I was going to be a dad. Now Nep and I have two twins: Nathaniel Hatsuhi Acura and Delia Suzuko Acura. Nat looks like me, while Del looks like Nep. So now I take on the true burdens of parenthood while being a student. Neptune, Noire and all of Nepgear's friends are happy for us. So now I plan to repay the winning a few more national championships with the Best College Football Team in All of College Football.

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