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By Flynn Sota
Special to The Daily Magi
September 21, 2067

My name is Hiroshi Flynn Sota. I'm a tight end for the Mitakihara Magi and coach Tatsuya Kaname, one of the best football coaches of all time, if not the greatest of all time. He's old enough to be my grandfather, which is unusual. I am part Japanese, part American...but all Canadian. My mother, Anne Carlyle, moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver and then to Mitakihara Town when she was 14 and met my father Hayate, the son of a Japanese father and a part-Japanese, part-British mother. So, in actuality, I have a little bit of European blood in me. All in all, I'm mixed-race.

Juliet Starling, the grandmother of Flynn Sota on his mother's side.

Of all the grandparents that I have, the one I look up to is my grandmother on my mother's side, Juliet Starling. Before she became a retiree and before she became a fashion model, actress and voice actress in Hollywood, Grandma Julie, as I like to call her, was an avid zombie hunter and came from a family of zombie hunters. After an incidence on her 18th birthday that nearly decimated the neighborhood she lived in (Grandma Julie graduated from San Romero HS, Class of 2012, in Los Angeles, and the San Fernando Valley), Grandma Julie graduated, got her bachelor's from UCLA and married Grandpa Nick.

When I was born, Grandma Julie told me, as she was rocking me in her arms, "Flynn, you're gonna grow up to be a superstar, no matter where your life takes you. You will learn to be responsible, to be positive, to be assertive and to be confident in everything. You will grow up to be a great young man, I guarantee it. So make me proud and do your best when you grow up."

Grandma Julie passed away on my 14th birthday, which was five years ago on this day. During Spring Break, I visit my grandma's grave to lay flowers and her favorite lollipops and meditate just to talk with her about new things going on in my life. She is buried at the Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills cemetery, with Michael Jackson and all the famous people. My younger sister, also named Juliet, ties her hair back in twin tails to commemorate Grandma Julie and her easygoing way of handling things.

One thing she bequeathed to me is a massive collection of ZZ Top music. I became a ZZ Top fan after Grandma Julie's death. Would you believe that? I can't believe that either, but it's true. There's one song that I really like. It's called "Thug" and the slap bass makes it timeless and a favorite of mine. Of course, I also like "Gimme All Your Lovin'" but that's...just way too mainstream, you know.

Grandma Julie, wherever you may be, watch over us and this university. You're a part of our team and we're gonna live each day like we're going to make you proud because we are. You are not alone.

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