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"I Came To Madoka For One Reason Only": Dev Acura

"I Came To Madoka For One Reason Only": Dev Acura

By Kate Hoshimiya

The Daily Magi
October 11, 2067

Dev Acura, the son of Toru Acura and Chaika Trabant, is known as The Car for two reasons: first, it's a deliberate pun on his name, and second, he runs you over like a car. As a converted defensive end, Acura has been moved to defensive tackle to allow more opportunities for playing time.

But if you ask Acura why he's a Magi, he will be honest with you when he gives you the answer.

"You know why I became a Magi?" asked Acura via interview at the white chairs of YSG (Your Silver Garden). "I came to Madoka for one reason only: to give America's best teams the ass-kickings they deserve. The USA has been so dominant at this sport; we only turned back the tide in 2011, which is still a short amount of time. We've taken pleasure in delivering the business to our noisy, yet lovable neighbours down south; it's almost criminal, you know?

"That's the one reason, but there's a number of side reasons. The founder of the university, Dr. Madoka Kaname, is somehow still alive, even though she's now in her 70s. She's a very nice lady and is always enthused at the ideas that young people like me and my peers share. She even has peerage in the United Kingdom and is a member of the Order of Canada for her contributions to education in this country. That, and perhaps, being a champion against the forces of evil.

"The same thing can be said of her partner and designated co-founder, Dr. Homura Akemi. I like Dr. Akemi too. She's very wise, sharp-witted, always up for a debate and is an acute businessperson. She's one of those no-nonsense people that reminds me of my dad, and she would make a nice grandmother because she is a disciplinarian and forces students to be ambitious, but at the same time, realistic with what they can do to change the world. It's too bad I can only consider her to be a bit of an advising figure because she is married to two people, Dr. Kaname, and Coach Kaname, who is Dr. Kaname's brother and also partner, which is shocking at first but I've learned to accept such things and not pay it too mind.

"And then, there is the side reason of the college experience in general. Take your classes, pass your classes, pass your exams, get high scores, do community service. That's essentially what it is. But the curriculum, and I thought Harvard's course material was difficult...or McGill's courses...this blows both of them out of the water. It's made to force your mind to think and rethink the way you see the world. You get a behind-the-scenes look at the processes that are done to mold the things we do, the places we go, the events that have start to see what humanity is about when you attend Mitakihara University. It's a university designed to deconstruct the power and influence of humanity and emphasize the bigger picture regarding the ways of the world, and I like that.

"But mainly, I came here to Madoka to give those punks from the States the bad beatings they deserve, because Murrica gonna Murrica, you know?"

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