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"I'm like a toy to my sister and wife": Jansen Onjouji

"I'm like a toy to my sister and wife": Jansen Onjouji

By Wendy Marvell
The Daily Magi
November 14, 2068

Mitakihara Magi halfback Jansen Onjouji is as effeminate a man as you will find on Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi football team. With his smooth mullet, flashy grin and smooth brown eyes, Onjouji is in the prime of his footballing career. However, he has a confession to make: he is at the mercy of his two partners, the Arashiyama sisters of Akagi and Kagami. Kagami is Jansen's wife, while Akagi is Jansen's sister in law but acts like a de facto second wife to him. 

"I'm like a toy to my sister and wife," Onjouji said via interview at Hakurei Centre after another long practice. "No, really, I love both Akagi and especially Kagami. Kagami is the type of wife you want: very obedient, very loyal, doesn't complain too much, is a voice of reason, and willing to satisfy my own carnal urgings. Akagi on the other hand, well...

"Akagi is more of the brash, outspoken, proud-to-be-a-wingwoman type of sister-in-law. As I previously said before, she loves eating and eating really good food. I see some of her reviews on Yelp regarding steakhouses and other fine dining establishments in Vancouver, Surrey and New Westminster, and she always makes great recommendations. She knows what's a good place to eat, and what places to avoid like the plague.

"Aside from that, the two of them dorm with me, and I tend to have some of the most amazing moments regarding sex. Up until I finally married Kaga, I never experienced a threesome before. Now I am very skilled at this and I started to realized that teamwork in the bed is just as important as teamwork on the playing field. I am a man that stresses the emancipating power of team, and it's everywhere I go: whether on campus, off campus, or even in Mexico on Spring Break.

"This Spring Break, I plan to go with Kaga and Akagi to Puerto Vallarta or Cabo San Lucas to consummate some more and get some down time. I'll be a fourth-year very soon, and I want to experience the calm before the storm because I am far from done with my playing career here with the Magi. Maybe listening to a little mariachi music wouldn't be so bad..."

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