Sunday, April 27, 2014

Makoto Naegi leaves for Memphis

Makoto Naegi leaves for Memphis

By Chino Kafuu
The Daily Magi
January 17, 2069

Former Mitakihara Magi football offensive coordinator Makoto Naegi has left Madoka to become the new head coach of the Memphis Tigers, according to staff reports. Naegi is the latest in a string of former coordinators to make the jump stateside. 

As a result, head coach Tatsuya Kaname has named former receivers coach Takumu Mayuzumi to become the new offensive coordinator of the Magi. Meanwhile, former receiver Dee Dee Sonoda, whose football career ended after tearing both of his ACLs, is now the new receivers coach.

"We are glad to have Takumu become our new offensive coordinator and he is excited for this new opportunity to lead our team's offensive unit this year," said Coach Kaname. "He brings a hard-nosed mentality to our team and really delivers as one of our coaches. We're groomed his for this position and we hope he takes advantage of this opportunity so that he can further himself in his coaching career.

"As for Dee Dee, it's a shame that his playing career ended the way that it did. But at this university, we believe that when one door closes, another will open, and for Dee Dee, he gets a chance to teach our receivers what it takes to be at the top of your game. We welcome him back to the Mitakihara family and we hope he will be successful as our receivers coach."

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