Thursday, April 10, 2014

New album from Mitakihara Ultimate Pep Band!

New album from Mitakihara Ultimate Pep Band!

By Wendy Marvell
The Daily Magi
August 28, 2068

The long-awaited new album from the Mitakihara University Ultimate Pep Band is now released and is now available on iTunes for $9.99 CAN. Entitled "Songs For A Special Feeling," this features arrangements of famous pub songs from England, as well as some covers of a number of Chas & Dave charts. The album was produced at a newly-constructed studio-gastropub called "Ye Olde MadoHomu," the first-ever gastropub in the world to include a full recording studio and owned by retired musician and former Kazero Wingman frontman Kazero Otonashi.

All proceeds will go to benefit the Mitakihara University Kajiura College of the Arts.

Track List:

1. Any Old Iron
2. Daddy Wouldn't Buy Me a Bow Wow
3. Knees Up Mother Brown
4. My Old Man's a Dustman
5. Nellie Dean
6. Undeneath the Arches
7. Where Did You Get That Hat?
8. Strummin'
9. Gertcha
10. The Sideboard Song
11. Rabbit
12. Stars Over 45
13. Ain't No Pleasing You
14. Margate
15. London Girls
16. My Melancholy Baby
17. Snooker Loopy
18. Saints And Sinners
Bonus Track: Awooga (Featuring Mitakihara University Taiko Ensemble)

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