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Robinson, Pitts reflective on Magi careers

Robinson, Pitts reflective on Magi careers

By Chelia Blendy
The Daily Magi
November 6, 2068

This week, Mitakihara University is honoring the fourth-year student athletes of the Class of 2069 in the Magia Day game between Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi and the Brigham Young Cougars. Halfback Clay Robinson and cornerback Brian Pitts are the captains of this year's Magi football team and had smiles on their faces when asked of their time with the Magi.

"Me and my brother Lionel chose the Magi because we know that we would be on a side that could never lose a game," said Clay at an interview inside Your Silver Garden. "We've been a strong tandem and have helped each other out with homework and all that stuff. Both of us are kinesiology majors. Lionel wants to explore working with sports nutritionists and I want to go into sport management. We've got big ambitions.

"I know that there are two other sets of brothers on this team: the Miyanagas (Danny, Sonny and Terry) and the Hasegawas (Lex and Rex). So we've got a deep sense of brotherhood on this team. It's a family affair, and indeed, those who are a part of the university are part of The Mitakihara Family. So it's great to know that I am doing my part to be a leader and help the next group of players take the next leap forward in terms of being students, athletes, and men of characters. It's been a great experience."

"I didn't think I was going to be named defensive captain, but knowing that a lot of great defensive captains were secondary guys in the past, I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity," Pitts said via phone interview. "I wanted to showcase how much I cared about winning for the colors, for the school, and for everyone I know. I told the freshmen this one question: are you going to sacrifice more than 100 percent of your time to this team and to winning the national championship? Are you going to sacrifice that same time towards being a student at this school.

"I am proud to say that these freshmen on defense that I have been mentoring have done a tremendous job at budgeting their time towards improving their minds and bodies. As for me, I'm an English major and I want to go into teaching when I'm done playing. Maybe I could be a high school football coach and lead my team to a state title. Every player on this team has ambitions of success. We plan to leave our mark on the world when we're through playing for Madoka."

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