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EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: In Rex Hasegawa's words

Chacha Hasegawa, Rex Hasegawa's wife, as the Magical Princess.

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT: In Rex Hasegawa's words

By Rex Hasegawa
Special to The Daily Magi
August 24, 2070

My name is Rex Hasegawa. I am a senior right end for Tatsuya Kaname's Mitakihara Magi, who are set to begin their 60th season of football. You know, my mom was a twinkle in my grandma's eyes when Madoka first began playing. My grandfather, Kodaka, was the original defensive line coach and his wife, my grandma Sena, was the most gorgeous looking woman you would ever see in her prime. They passed away last year, but my grand-aunt, Kobato is still with us.

One thing about us Hasegawas is that we are generally a family of blondes. The only brunette in our family is my sister-in-law Kokoa, who is a member of the Schedule Team and is wrapping up school as well. But my wife, Chacha, is also a blonde. She is resurrected form of Little Red Riding Hood, but she escaped the usual comings and goings of her own world, which are parts unknown to me, to start anew in Canada. On occassions, Chacha likes to cosplay as this mysterious, powerful, dashing heroine called the Magical Princess. She told me about the story behind it, and her powers are actually real. So not only is Chacha my wife, she is also my personal bodyguard. She hasn't had to use her weapons on anyone and usually she only dresses for show. But just in case, she's at the ready.

Chacha's also a great athlete. She's a champion swimmer, does occasional archery, but competes on the women's water polo team and the swim/dive team. She's won a number of individual medals and national titles, and she's a highly-skilled 2-meter. Sometimes I swim with her to the waters off Tofino or the waters in the strait of Georgia just to get away from all the worries going on at the University.

Chacha is also very smart. She was named an Academic All-Canadian the past three years and she is a liberal arts major because she has no idea what job she wants after she graduates. I see her working as an admin assistant for some local nonprofit, but she also told me that she wants to swim professionally and compete for Japan at the 2072 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. I told her, "Train hard, don't dope, use your own strength to take down the walls of adversity." She always listens to everything I say, and I listen to her as well.

She also told me, "I can give up my Olympic dream, if I want to, if only to be with you, my beloved husband." You see, Chacha and I have been married since freshman year, and just last week, while talking over tea and toast, I told her, "Chacha Hasegawa, when I win this national championship, I want you to be a mother. I want you to give birth to wonderful children that will add to the legacy of this family. In dreams, my grandparents have been telling me that I need to experience being a Dad. My father Dax has been talking to me about it too. He's been talking about it with my brother Lex and Kokoa." And she promised me that we would have kids when we graduated.

She protects me with her life, Chacha does. I want her to know that I will do everything I can to make us happy and to see the end of the century together. She wants to see it. She wants our children to see it. She wants my grandparents to see it in spirit, and I believe her. So, no matter what happens to my boys on the field this year, when I have Chacha as my wife, I will never lose in the game of life. She will forever be a part of me, as I am a part of her.

I am now ready for the 2070 college football season to begin. You Are Not Alone.

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