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"Fullbacks are the most underrated of players": Ichigo Hoshimiya

"Fullbacks are the most underrated of players": Ichigo Hoshimiya

By Uzuki Shimamura
The Daily Magi
September 28, 2070

Senior music theory major Ichigo Hoshimiya, a former idol is proud to be living a more normal life. Hoshimiya, a distant cousin of Mitakihara alumnus Kate Hoshimiya, is the wife of Mitakihara Magi senior fullback Ian McKinley of Windsor, Ont. As he is a fullback, McKinley doesn't do a lot of carrying or pass catching like the others, but he is really an all-purpose player that is cosplaying as a fullback. Still, Hoshimiya wished Ian, who she calls "Highland" because his parents emigrated from the Scottish Highlands, was more of a ball carrier.

"It's not fair, really," said Hoshimiya via phone interview at her dorm room which she shares with McKinley. "Fullbacks are the most underrated of players. Mostly they're just used to block, and that's it. They don't do as much carrying, even in the option attack. And that's a bit sad because I know Highland can run the ball like Joe [Sato] and Drew [Childs] and the others.

"I admire Ian McKinley for one reason: he works hard to be where he is. I want to be with a person that sacrifices a lot to realize his dreams of being a winner as part of his team and in the game of life as a high-achievintg student. He told me of his days as a member of the local secondary school honor society and the high test scores he got on a consistent basis. And he's really good at sharing sweet talk with me. He gets on my level easily and he's quite a flirt.

"By the end of my first year here, I realized I needed to find a person in my life that could help me pay the bills because my parents want me to find a house, earn a living, be a mother, be a wife...the type of things that you do when you're an adult. Highland's parents are really wealthy. His dad is part of the Board of Directors at MetroTech, and his mother is an active socialite that has a fetish for haggis. 

"To be honest with you, I never heard of haggis, let alone tasted it until I was invited to this thing called a Burns supper after the two of us were married in June of 2068. I fell in love with it. I like to eat Scottish cuisine in moderation and Highland does too. But to be fair, we don't eat Scottish cuisine that much. We prefer to eat Japanese food because it's less fattening. During the summer, I run with Highland down the beach when he's not training or having classes. I thought about trying out for the cross-country team, but I decided that pursing a music degree would be better.

"Every day there's a home game, I always attend it to learn about the skills of the different players on the Magi football team and their roles. Football is a team sport and Highland has his role of blocking and occasionally carrying the ball. But any time he breaks through for a big carry, that makes me really happy because I know he's more than just a blocker.

"My wish for Ian when he continues his playing career in the pros is that he is used for more than just an extra blocker. I want him to make big runs, catch passes, be just like a glorified halfback. He's an offensive weapon that hasn't been used as much as he's supposed to, and I hope Coach Kaname gives him a chance to shine this season because it would be nice for him to play for the B.C. Lions, but it wouldn't be enough to pay the bills. Highland knows what he needs to do, and I'll support him every step of the way." 

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