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Haku's mother Chitoge counts down the days to the big game

Haku's mother Chitoge counts down the days to the big game

By Uzuki Shimamura
The Daily Magi
December 8, 2070

Chitoge Kirisaki is the mother of Mitakihara Magi free safety Haku Ichijou. She is counting down the days to Mitakihara's long-awaited showdown with the Oklahoma Sooners in the 2071 Bowl Championship Series National Championship Game, pending the final BCS rankings, set to be released next Sunday. Kirisaki is planning to be at the game from the VIP suites of the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Ariz. with Haku's dad Raku and Kosaki Onodera, the mother of future Magi HB Kodaka Onodera.

"Just one more win...ONE MORE WIN...and I can finally say that in College Football, my son was an invincible god!" said Kirisaki with a squeal and a squee from the Ichijou residence in Mitakihara Town. "I've been to all the home games and watched all the away games from my house. So this will be the first-ever time that I get to watch an away game, even though this is a neutral venue.

"I heard that the food in Arizona is supposed to be really tasty because of the chimichangas. I've never had deep fried burritos because I thought they were a bit fattening, but I might as well try it once in a while, if only to make myself feel good. As for my husband, he loves Mexican food and sometimes comes in a bit tipsy after going to Honcho's Grill around the corner from our house.

"Kii Saegusa, a senior liberal studies major. is Haku's wife since his second year at Madoka, and she told me that after the two of them graduate from the university, she's going to take good care of Haku because he's taking good care of him. They have two twin daughters: Remii and Sonii. Remii's got brown twintails, while Sonii looks like her mom. I told Kii, 'You have to treat my son like a king and be a good husband to him. If you don't do at least the bare minimum, I will disown you as my daughter-in-law, and you don't won't that.' Really, through, Kii knows what needs to be done and she won't let me down."

"Haku promised to me that he would get at least two interceptions and if not, he will treat me to dinner. I asked him, 'and what if you do?' He said, 'then I have to treat Aunt Kosaki to dinner.' I decided, 'Nah, you can treat all of us to dinner at McGann's the Sunday after the national championship game and that will be fine with us. He said, 'Okay, it's settled.' So now I get to count the days until Haku's final game in a Magi uniform, and it's going to be a bit bittersweet for me."

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