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"I have but one mission, and that's to be Man of the Year": Jack Arashi

Akari Yomatsuri, the mother of Jack Arashi.

"I have but one mission, and that's to be Man of the Year": Jack Arashi

By Uzuki Shimamura
The Daily Magi
November 3, 2070

Shuhei "Jack" Arashi, the son of Mitakihara University alumni Teppei Arashi '50 and Akari Yomatsuri '50, is a free safety with a meanstreak. Standing at a tall 6'0", 199 lbs, "The Lad," as he is known, was more than happy to commit to the Magi after their Week 6 game against the Millbrook Cherokees at the Sakura Bowl weeks ago. Arashi leads the Mitakihara Secondary Angels with 14 interceptions this season and runs a 4'2" non-wind aided 40 while bench-pressing and squatting 300 kg.

"I have but one mission, and that's to be Man of the Year," said Arashi after practice at Mitakihara Secondary (formerly known as MiTSS). "My mother, Akari, knows that I've got her spirit in me and my dad's assertiveness. My parents emigrated to Canada when they were 18 and assimilated into the culture of this country when they were in their freshman year at Madoka. They liked this university so much, they made it a priority to find work here and get naturalized here.

"I have looked up to a lot of players who used to play free safety at Mitakihara. The only player that I look up to right now is Haku [Ichijou]. I like his calm demeanor and his focused, upbeat mentality. He reminds me a lot of my mom. Haku's got the optomistic character and all that. I talk with Haku about the best ways to play my position. He's like a mentor to me and I appreciate that. 

"I want my mom to know that I will be a Man of the Year in one form or another, and that I ask her to be patient because 2071 will be my year. I am ready to follow in the shoes of Haku. He's done a great job as a free safety for Mitakihara and I know that I have big shoes to fill if I do well enough in camp to get the start on Week 1. It's a long ways away, but Dad always told me to keep the big picture in mind.

"If my professional football career in the NFL doesn't pan out the way I want to, I have plans to be an engineer and going into the world of aerospace. I want to create bigger, better planes and rockets and make rocket science an art form for the wise. If I can help make air travel safe and fun for everyone, then I am putting my degree at Mitakihara University to good use. It's nice to have something to fall back on."

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