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"I hope they make the right choice": Haku Ichijou

(left to right), Kosaki Onodera, Chitoge Kirisaki and Seishirou Tsugumi. Kosaki and Seishirou are Haku Ichijou's aunts, while Chitoge is his mother.

"I hope they make the right choice": Haku Ichijou

By Uzuki Shimamura
The Daily Magi
September 15, 2070

Mitakihara Magi senior free safety Haku Ichijou has an extended family. Haku has two aunts and two cousins. Kodaka Onodera is the son of Haku's primary aunt, Kosaki Onodera, and plays halfback. Yuujirou Tsugumi is the son of Haku's secondary aunt, Seishirou Tsugumi, and plays fullback. Dak currently has the Magi at the top of his list, but for Yuuji it's different, as Notre Dame, Florida and Colorado are also contending for his signature along with Madoka.

"I think Dak is warming up to being the next man up for Madoka as a halfback, but it seems Yuuji has other ideas," said Haku after practice in South Bend, Ind. "Dak really likes Madoka because it sounds like his name and Aunt Kosaki was an alumnus here. So it does hit home. Yuuji, though, is a bit hard to please. One moment he leans towards my guys, the next moment, he bails for a different school. It's tough for him.

"I tell my cousins, go with the Magi. You can't lose on this team. And the education you get here blows the likes of Stanford and Harvard and McGill out of the water. It has the right amount of challenges and the high expectations that puts pressure on you to succeed. I think Dak will sign with us, but I'm not so sure on Yuuji. He think the Irish have more purer intentions.

"I know that one time, they did poach another fullback from us in Glenn (Miketsukami), so this is no surprise they want a successor to Glenn at fullback. The thing I like about my school is that they recruit really hard and go after the good ones, not pulling punches and delivering all the stops. The recruiters here really sell the package well. Plus, it's in the best part of Canada, on Vancouver Island, in solitude, and in the City of the Future. You're getting a world-class education at a crossroads of the world.

"Hopefully Yuuji thinks this over when it's time for him to make that visit but I would personally be devastated if he commits to the Irish or somewhere else. This place was made for my family to be successful, and to miss out on Madoka is missing the boat. End of story. I hope they make the right choice. I know they will."

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