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"I wish my husband padded the stats": Ran Shibuki

"I wish my husband padded the stats": Ran Shibuki

By Uzuki Shimamura
The Daily Magi
September 24, 2070

Ran Shibuki is the wife of Mitakihara Magi senior defensive tackle Ron Hase. Shibuki is a senior music major and is the proud mother of fraternal twins: Ron Hase Jr. and Fran Hase. Shibuki, a former idol is willing to sacrifice her aspirations to be a singer to be a housewife and a music teacher. However, there is one thing that Shibuki can't stomach: her husband not making enough tackles.

"I love Ron with a passion so strong and thick you could cut it with a knife, but I have to wonder, why isn't he earning enough tackles and sacks on the defensive line?" asked Shibuki via phone interview at her dorm room that she shares with Hase. "I wish my husband padded the stats because he's a great big guy with a big heart and a desire to make opposing quarterbacks lose their confidence and dignity.

"I first met Ron in my freshman year at Madoka, while I was playing intramural volleyball. I had to give up my professional career as an idol to focus on pursuing a job outside of singing. The first time I looked into his eyes, I realized, I'm not going to be alone anymore, I have someone I can be with and trust. So Ron and I have been together, and at the end of our freshman year, we got married and I decided to become a mother.

"As a matter of fact, being a mother is something that I prefer to have a burden with. It's actually much lighter because Ron loves being a dad. Ron tells me, 'If you become a good parent and one that treats your kids well, you will have truly grown up and you are ready to face the real world.' And he's right. I've matured quite a lot and I decided to be accountable for the welfare of Junior and Fran.

"Junior likes to play with Ron's practice helmet. One time, I think last week, he tried to put it on and it nearly got stuck on him. Ron came in and took it off him and gave him a mini replica Madoka helmet that fit him. So Junior's been wearing the helmet since. He pretends to be like his father. He's even got the three point stance right, the movement and speed, and he even has the snarl like his dad.

"I don't think Ron is too affected by the fact that he isn't getting enough tackles and sacks and statistics. He doesn't care about that. Ron wants to win another national championship for Mitakihara before he graduates and I admire that. But I would like him to stand out a little bit more. I guess I don't need to be greedy in this case, because Ron prefers to be a team player, a great father...and a model husband. I love him so much."

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