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Meet Daniel Manatsu: He Already Is "Da Man"

Hana Mutou, the mother of future Mitakihara Magi strong safety Daniel Manatsu.

Meet Daniel Manatsu: He Already Is "Da Man"

By Uzuki Shimamura
The Daily Magi
November 17, 2070

Mitakihara Secondary School strong safety Daniel Manatsu does not need any additional to know that he comes into next season at Mitakihara University with an embarrassment of riches. An A+ level student with test scores of 100 in every subject, Manatsu plans to major in business and go into management if a pro football career in not in the cards. Manatsu runs a 4.1 non wind-aided 40, bench presses and squats 350 kg, has a vertical of 72" and also runs track.

"Actually, I could have also run cross country, but the football would have gotten in the way," said Manatsu via phone interview at his house in Qualicum Beach, when he commutes to Mitakihara Secondary via M-Bus Route 69. "So I play strong safety for the Angels, and I run anchor leg on the 4 x 100 relay team. I've yet to lose a race with my mates because [free safety] Jack The Lad [Arashi] runs the first leg and he moves fast enough that I have plenty of separation on the other teams.

"I got a really great mom named Hana Mutou, who is part South African, so I'm actually of mixed race but I'm mostly Japanese. I'm a Nisei, like Jack, and I speak fluent English, French and Japanese, and I'm also learning Korean. Mom always told me that I am destined to be a Magi. She told me of her days at Madoka with my dad, Daichi, and we always talked about the landmarks on campus, the professors, and the large, vast cemetery that is also on campus, which is also a part of the gardens.

"One time, when I was in my first year at Mitakihara Secondary, Mom, Dad and I would walk to the cemetery to see all these deceased students, faculty, alumni and staff that were interred here. I saw beautiful tombstones, shrines, statues of angels, lots of red spider lilies, and a few of these unusual denizens called Clara Dolls that were doing the Nae Nae. I sometimes wonder what the dolls were doing, dancing to some vintage  art form that is as dead as the Harlem Shake and the even older Hustle and Twist, but a doll came to me, wanting me to carry it, I did, as I walked around, I was surrounded by all the dolls, and they were smiling.

"At that point, I told my mom and my dad, 'Mom, Dad, I am the man. I AM Da Man. And that's why I will do my best to return to this place with a full head of steam, because I am Da Man." Obviously, that is a pun on my name, but I knew that I needed to hit the books, hit the weight room and be a warrior in mind and body. I ended up on the headmaster's list of high-achieving students, scored 99s and 100s on numberous exams, and I had A+ scores in all my subjects. What I am being told by the headmaster is that I am scheduled to be the class valedictorian, and that is just icing on the cake.

"You have to understand this: schools have been coming after me. I got offers from teams in the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12, ACC...they were offering the world. But I knew that what they offered was not going to be enough. None of the schools that offered me the total package had that one intangible that makes Mitakihara University so special: it's a simple bus ride away. And the campus is so beautiful. I didn't want to let those Clara dolls down. They wanted me back.

"So, when I went to Homecoming against this bunch of nobodies from Millbrook who I assume were full of pie in some other dimension that is irrelevant to my interests, I knew I was going to pick this school. Me and Jack decided to commit to the Magi after Madoka won the game, and that was that. I wasn't going anywhere. This was the school where I could be Da Man and let all opposing receivers know Da Man is comin' for ya.

"I hope that when I get to camp next year, I will be putting my nose to the grindstone and working to get a spot on the roster. I want to start my first game. I know that the player that I'm succeeding is a member of the Kaname family, and I want to receive the torch and carry it for my class. Me and Jack are going to keep the fires burning at Madoka. We're ready to get to work. I am so excited to be a part of the Family. It's going to be the best four years of my life."

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