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Mitakihara fans keep tabs on Mountain West Championship

Mitakihara fans keep tabs on Mountain West Championship

By Chino Kafuu
The Daily Magi
December 7, 2069

At every sports bar and grill in Mitakihara Town, B.C., including the world-famous McGann's Sports Bar and Grill, Mitakihara Magi football fans are paying close attention to the conference championship games, namely today's Mountain West Championship Game between Brigham Young and UNLV. A former Daily Magi columnist, Lane Pellenor, has been the owner of McGann's since 2062. He says that these types of games are what drives customers to McGann's.

"After the regular season is over, the next few weekends are packed with locals and tourists from all over the island and Lower Mainland," Pellenor says. "They are very knowledgeable sports fans that want to know who will be the one team that will be chosen to challenge Mitakihara. As you can see behind me, the place is jammed with hungry sports fans that love to debate the games going on around the world.

"On weekends, McGann's is open early to allow the breakfast crowd to watch Premier League games. We're open late to allow broadcasts of prime time games going on out here. During the weekdays, we open midday and close in the mid-evenings unless there is a big sports event going on that forces us to go outside out of normal times.

"Today is a big day here, and since it's cold outside, the coffee is brewing and people and having a good chat about who will be taking on the Magi in January. Some think that BYU will win the Mountain West because they are very well rounded in terms of their attacking style and defensively, they are balanced. Other say UNLV because they have the intangibles package. They possess a quiet confidence that can offset any deficiency they may have against Brigham Young.

"There is a small crowd of fans who think that Notre Dame will sneak in and be the No. 2 team in the polls. I think that's a bit of a longshot, but the people who calculate these rankings have been known to surprise a lot of pundits around here and the world. I wouldn't mind facing Notre Dame in the National Championship, but I'd rather take on either BYU or UNLV. Between those two, I'd have to put my loonies on Las Vegas."

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