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The Decline of Fast Food in Mitakihara Town

The Decline of Fast Food in Mitakihara Town

By Uzuki Shimamura
The Daily Magi
September 2, 2070

The decline of fast food in Mitakihara Town, British Columbia has been long documented. Two decades ago, a number of McDonald's restaurants shut down due to a lack on interest, despite the low prices for the food. In time, a number of national and global chains shut down their operations in Mitakihara, and in turn a wave of restaurants serving real food at real prices proliferated. Consequently, as the standard of living and quality of life improved in the city, so have the prices for food and drink.

Many have opted to beat the restaurant prices by going to supermarkets dotted all over the town. There are at least 40 supermarkets in Mitakihara Town, the most popular being Lawson Station in Madoka Square. Jens Bigelow, a member of the Simon Fraser Class of 2048 and a cashier at the Loblaw Superstore in midtown Mitakihara, says that the traffic is huge on the weekends as people purchase fresh ingredients to prepare at home.

"Fast food is definitely on the decline because people are eating healthier and people aren't as tolerant of excess fat, sugar and salt," Bigelow said. His daughter, Maria, is a freshman health ethics major at Mitakihara University and has plans to pursue a career as a yoga instructor. "My daughter has been eating healthy, just like me. We never see a fast food restaurant where I am, and it's a breath of fresh air.

"In other cities, like Vancouver and Victoria, there are some fast food restaurants that do exist, and it's unfortunate that they are still around. But here in M-Town, it's a whole lot different. Real food restaurants outnumber fast food joints by an alleged number of one marzillion to one. That's a huge ratio, and it's a testament to the will of us folks to avoid overconsumption of fat, sugar and salt.

"I hope this trend continues and people continue to value the importance of eating healthy. It's great to know that people in this city value their health and well being. The importance of wellness is the primary reason why she plans to be a yoga instructor. I hope she goes on to a successful career. Maybe I can go into management at my store."

However, there is one restaurant that refuses to close down, and that's the A&W Burger located in Mitakihara Town. As the only legitimate fast food restaurant remaining, the lack of competition from rival chains makes it one of the most popular restaurants in the city due to its low prices and wholesome food. And every real food outlet in the city still serves poutine.

"There are still a ways to go, but progress is progress," said Bigelow. "We can't get rid of all of the fast food restaurants because of the big picture, but the fact that the collective diet of this city is moderated Mediterranean style is a giant step in the right direction."

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