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Thursday Night Football on Magia Day 2070

Thursday Night Football on Magia Day 2070

By Uzuki Shimamura
The Daily Magi
November 10, 2070

This year's Magia Day, honoring the fourth-year students of the Mitakihara University Class of 2071, is unique in that the game falls on a Thursday. It's rare that there are games at the Sakura Bowl in which the action falls on a Thursday; in fact, this is the first-ever time that there is Thursday Night Football in the Sakura Bowl. What is also special about this is that that this will be the last college football game at the Sakura Bowl until 2072. That is because the stadium will undergo expansion next year to increase its seating capacity to 80,000, making the Sakura Bowl the largest stadium in all of Canada.

Not that senior defensive tackle Dev Acura minds. Acura, the team's defensive captain, is content that he will have played the last home game at the Sakura Bowl for the Magi for the time being. Acura is being scouted as a potential top 10 draft pick in the 2071 NFL Draft.

"It's great to know that the next bunch of seniors will get a chance to play at the old facility, Kaname Field, a place that we occasionally use for practices when we don't use Hakurei Centre," said Acura via interview at Your Silver Garden, part of the Madoka Gardens. "That was the stadium that started the long and storied history of football in Mitakihara.

"I'm not going to be able to savor all that; I'll just be content with playing one more game with the entire team at the Bowl. It's been a great ride for me and the boys; we've had a lot of fun playing the game and growing as students. We've met a lot of great students, I found my wife and have become a father, and I've won three national championships for my team.

"There is a part of me that doesn't seem to be satisfied, though. I've been hungry to finish my playing career with one more title. South Carolina are a really good team and we need to play at our best so that I can get the chance to play on the big stage one more time. I don't know if I will be able to get a Super Bowl Ring, but I know that I will have won four national championship rings if we win these next two games.

"I will miss Mitakihara and all the people that work hard to make this one of the greatest universities in the world. I hope all of Canada gets behind us once again, like we always do. Remember, my mission as a member of this football team is to give America's best the ass-kickings they deserve, and so long as I am anchoring the line, we will get it done. That is a promise. So get behind us, Canada. We're almost there. Let's do this."

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